I am calling it a thinggy until I know the proper name. I have a ball winder and umbrella but I would like to know if there is a thinggy which I can attach somewhere to either which will tell me the yardage so I will know when I have wound half the yarn. I just finished socks and would like to make matching ones but I need to take the skein and divide it in half. Since I do both socks at the same time doing an center pull and an outside knit gives socks but the stripping doesn’t match. The pair I just finished don’t match but my son who I gave them to doesn’t care as he likes them just the way they are. I have more sock yarn but I would like to make some that match.

Great name…Thingy! LOL! Yes, there are “thingys” that will actually measure yardage and they are available through the knitting and crocheting sites but generally are higher in price than one purchased from sites that sell fishing tackle. Cabelas and Bass Pro shops both carry a Line Counter (your thingy does have a name!!!) THINGY

I think it’s also called a yarn meter isn’t it? Meter as in measuring, not meter as in unit of measure.

You can also use a postage scale or yarn scale (Knit Picks $25.00) and weigh your yarn. Dividing by weight rather than yardage. Knit Picks also has a Yarn Meter - $50.00 - I think it will measure all yarn, not sure if the line counter would work for anything heaver than sock … but what a good idea Mary.

Weighing doesn’t always work to tell you the yardage. Some fibers like cotton are heavier than others - wool. 50g of wool might be about 110 yds but 50g cotton may be only 80yds.

But wouldn’t half the weight of a skein of yarn, no matter what kind of yarn … divide that skein in half so you would have it divided equally for two sox ? Sort of like a ton of feathers weighs as much as a ton of bricks ?? Math is SO NOT my thing, I don’t know why I even tried to answer the question :).

Oh I see. I forgot the OP asked about dividing a skein in half. Yes, that would work.

I have the Knit Picks yarn meter. I can set it up between the ball winder and swift to measure the yarn as I wind it. It is not only useful for dividing a skein in half, but I use it to measure how much yarn is left in a partially used skein. I keep that information with the skein so I know just how much yardage is there for a future project.

Yep…me too…

I don’t use it all the time…but it can be very handy…

I will wind my ball…and then put one of those mail label tags on and write on the remaining yardage for next time…smiles

Yes, you can divide by weight. I wanted length over weight. Not all scales give the same weight as some are very sensitive according to my late husband (he was a machinist).
I looked at the yarn meter KnitPicks has and it is very costly!! Mary, the fishing one is very nice but would only work with thin yarn and if I am going to get one it should work with all weights and thicknesses. You never know when it might come in handy!