Thin Yarn

I’m trying to use up all the yarn around here that I’ll never use, and we have a lot of baby yarn in fingering weight. It was all my grandmother’s and I know I’ll never make anything for a baby, so do you think it’s possible to make a small piece of clothing (like a minisweater)? I know I would have to adjust the gauge, and I know it’s probably not recommended to use such fine yarn, but do you think it would work? I’m anxious to start working on something I can wear, lol.

Edit: Also, how do you think I could go about adjusting it? :X

Fair Isle sweaters are made with yarn that is pretty much fingering weight. It gets about 7 stitches to the inch.

Don’t forget–there are no ‘rules’ in knitting. If you have yarn and needles, you can pretty much make what you want. Thin yarn just takes longer.

I guess there’s no harm in trying! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Exactly! What have you got to lose?

I have the feeling that a baby yarn with the right needles and enough patience would make a HOT half- sweater or tie up shrug… picture something you’d see a ballet dancer wearing during warm-ups… that’s what I see anyway :smiley:

Haha, let’s hope so! I’m definitely going to experiment with it. :smiley: