Thin needles

I bought a set of bamboo needles when I started knitting and I’ve been knitting with the 3.25mm ones. I’ve very nearly snapped them a couple of times and do find that they warp quite a bit because they are so thin. I’ve got a pattern that requires me to knit with 2.75mm needles so I’ll have to buy some. I’m thinking that I’ll be even more likely to snap these - would I be better buying metal needles?


What kind of needles do you need? Double points, circular, straight?

I like metal needles well for most things. I have some inox needles that are metal with some sort of gray/silver coating on them that are real nice. There are other materials available too. I use metal most of the time for double points, but have a few bamboo as well.

Just ordinary straight needles. I’m making a toy.

One reason some people like bamboo over metal is that it is less slippery and the stitches are less likely to fall off. But that has both advantages and disadvantages. Most knitters end up with a variety of different kinds of needles to use in different situations. The slipperiness of the yarn is taken into consideration in selecting needles for a given project. Some people don’t like grabby needles for anything (bamboo type), others like them for everything. Sharp points or not so sharp are also useful for different purposes.

Metal needles should be fine for your toy, if the yarn is very slippery and you foresee problems that way one of the coated types will probably be better. I also don’t think all bamboo needles are of the same quality and you may find bamboo needles that are small but don’t seem as prone to warp or break as others.

It’s certainly worth trying the metal needles. You may find that the metal needles are more slipppery than the bamboo and you may or may not like that. Worth a try.

Thanks for your replies, I think I’ll buy some metal ones. They’ll be less likely to snap in my hands when I’m knitting!

And it’s not the needles or that brand that’s the problem. It’s just that the needles in that mm range are so delicate you have to be careful with them. I snapped quite a few without trying. I have to be very careful not to set anything on top of them. You may be knitting a little too tightly also.