Thin cable scarf pattern needed

i just learned how to do the basic cable knit stitch and I am looking for a pattern for a thin scarf that has a simple cable in it. I tried the one that is on this website but I want one shorter…maybe under 23 cast ons. Thank you.

How about this one? The cable is a little fancier, but since you know how to cable it really should be too much of a problem.

If not then really all you have to do is find a cable scarf you like and make it narrower.

At the bottom of Silver’s Palindrome scarf it gives directions for making it narrower.

This one is super thin.

You could get a cable pattern book (try your library!) and find a cable there you like. Or even search the web for cabled items (sweaters, vests, afghans, etc) and just use the cable from it to make a scarf.