Thick yarn little needles

I don’t know why I torture myself like this but I do for the sake of a kid having warm hands in an alaskan winter! Anyhow I just remembered how much of a pain in the butt it is knit thick and quick on size four needles.:wall: Oh and this was how I broke those bamboo needles. Yeah i know I shouldn’t do it but kid needs warm hands man! I made a pair for myself a while ago and my hands stay toasty warm -20 F so it’s worth the suffering (and the broken needles…maybe the broken needles)

Yikes! I can’t imagine knitting that on size 4’s! Maybe wool on a more appropriate needle would work just as well.

Well my needles are addi turbo’s so it’s not all that bad it’s just a pain in the butt. I did my daughters mittens last week with worsted wool. But I learned that nasty lesson of…wool shrinks. That and Acrylic is cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a good thing that I have only 2 1/2 inches of it to do then I can move to the 6’s and it gets easier. But there’s 3 more mittens after this one I have to still make:passedout:

Maybe thrums instead?

Or double mittens? Use worsted and a normal gauge on normal needles (about 4 sts per inch). Make 2 right handed mittens and 2 left handed. Take 1 right and 1 left and sew them together at the cuffs-- in other words, placing the edges of the cuffs together and the tips of the hands directly opposite of each other, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and sew the cuff edges together to make a tube of the 2 mittens. Then push one mitten into the other, so that you have double fabric. Then do the same thing with the other right and left mittens and you have a pair of very warm double mittens.

Can you make felted mittens? Those would be super warm and wouldn’t require thick yarn on thin needles.

Or, if you aren’t thinking about felting, just shrink them on purpose. That’s how I got a gansey my mom knit for my dad. :slight_smile:

What you did was felt them. Regular, non-superwash wool felts so they have to be hand washed. Not practical with kids so superwash wool is great. There are some inexpensive options for it now, too.

lol thurms confused me I tried to read it was like :whoosh:

If I knew how to felt I would lol. that’s one thing I haven’t tried yet. I had an idea to solve this problem and I was thinking of getting some flannel and put it in the middle. I don’t think double mitten would work for me because I’m knitting in the round, if I was doing it flat I probably could.

I think it’s a little late now cause I already got all the yarn and balled it up so I don’t think Michaels will do a tag backs on it lol. Thanks for the help though. I just wanted to complain about lol

With the double mittens, it doesn’t matter how you make them-- you don’t sew them together until you’re all through making the 4 mittens. You could even do it with store-boughts.