They're stitch markers, dang it!

Okay, I was working on a baby blanket last night and got absolutely sick of trying to keep count on my increase row (it’s really not an easy feat with 2 toddler boys running around).

So, DUH, Rebekah! Use stitch markers :doh:

Okay, I need 9 markers. One, two (I’m starting to run out quickly), three, four…Man, I can’t use these other ones! Now what? :??

Hey! :figureditout: Paperclips! Okay, the little ones won’t fit…maybe I have some big ones around…here…somewhere…JACKPOT!

So now my baby blanket on circs looks more like a modified rabbi’s hat (flat, pink, with paperclips hanging instead of black bobbles). But hey, whatever works, right? :smiley:

[size=2]Am I the only one who gets excited about this kinda thing?[/size]

psssst…cut off small pieces of yarn from your stash and tie them into loops!

:thinking: It seems so simple…why didn’t I think of that??


I only use yarn loops anymore–paper clips get caught on my knitting. You can also use a cut up DRINKING straw. I have lost 1,879,034 plastic stitch markers this year alone! :wink:

Edited to change the ‘knitting straw’ :doh:

I dont like the plastic ones anyway…they take up too much room & have caused gaps.

ya know if you are keeping count of the ones you lose it would seem like you could just as easily keep track of them so you don’t lose them! :rofling:

what is a knitting straw though?

btw…as brilliant as the yarn loops is, don’t you know i bought some more rings the other day when i was in the store? why you ask? well because they were purple and green and flexible. i wanted to play with them!

be warned though…i find yarn loops all over the place now. on the floor, on my sofa, on my arse… :rollseyes:

I meant DRINKING straw. :doh:

I can’t keep track of them because they disappear as soon as I take my eyes off of them! Someday I’ll cut open the couch and a river of them will spill out.! :wink:

lol that is true. it is a very similar phenomenon to all the ones that collect on my arse :rollseyes:

i am glad it is a drinking straw because i thought there was some knitting accessory i hadn’t seen yet and i was trying to figure out how i was going to get gas, pick up a cake, go to the LYS, AND get to my p/t job in the 45 minute window i have between jobs…all during rush hour traffic of course :wink:

glad to know i don’t need to go find knitting straws! whew

Better be careful or we’ll start making stuff up!! :roflhard:

Well I can definitely say I’ve lost some stitch markers myself. As for the paperclips, I find that having them hang with the ends pointing away from the knitting has kept them from sticking. I have more trouble with that from the actual markers…that little pointy part is definitely not knitting friendly!

i never lose stitch markers… just like I never lose cable needles, point protectors, darning needles, or row counters.

that’s because I buy the special kind that dissolve after one use.

:roflhard: Maybe I bought those without realizing it!

they should definitely label those packages better!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I came up with a really cool idea to solve this problem, I lose mine too. And made them! :oops: :blush: Oh, the horra!

Soon as the prototype is done, I’ll show ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I use paper clips too, and I also use yarn scraps - they work great in contrast. I also agree with KellyK. I’m not a fan of the plastic manufactured ones.

No you’re not the only one. I am working on my first pair of socks using size 2 dpn’s. It has cables on the sides. I didn’t bring the cable needle with me to work because I didn’t think I would get to that part during my lunch hour. But I got there and of course…no cable needle. So I used a straightened end of a large paper clip. It’s actually working great…and there’s an abundance of them here in the office. I felt so clever :thumbsup:

But for the record…I am NOT bringing any paper clips home…just FYI for those office-supply-embezzling-monitors out there. :roflhard: