THEY'RE HERE! (snakes)

They were a little cold when they arrived, but they are here safe and sound. They both seemed a little stressed, so we spent about 2 minutes touching them and then into their enclosures they went. Sophie immediately started poking around, and we got to see her YAWN! Slytherin started relaxing after about 10 minutes, but still wouldn’t unball. I’ll check on him in a bit.

Here are some pics. I can see this is going to take some skills, since I took a million pictures and only got a few that were good.

Sophie on top


The best shot I got of Slytherin. He was not too happy, so I didn’t harass him.

I am checking the temps, and managed to squeeze one off of Sophie. She seems so friendly!

I’m going to go stare at my snakes some more. :inlove:

yay!!! you must be so happy!!! the container they came in looks just like our takeout chinese containers… lol… surprise!! congrats, and I’m sure they will be happy with you…

I have to say AAAWWW! In there little snakey way, they are cute!:flirt:

I love snakes.
I don’t seem to do well with amphibians and reptiles as pets though.

Everyone I have ever tried to raise has died in freaky circumstances - so I’ll just watch and listen and read everyone else as they share about theirs.

sophie looks like she’s just happy to be out of the box! Congrats on your new family additions!:yay:

:woot:That’s sooo cool. I still remember the day we talked my mom into letting us have a snake !!! When Dad was deployed she was no match for two kids. hehe
Happy Staring.

sis & I had a small green snake as children until sis took it to her friends house & her mother freaked & whacked it into…

Congrats! Tehy are GORGEOUS!!!

Why were they cold?? That sounds awful to me, but I’m no expert, just an animal lover. :thumbsup:

As for how cute they are, VERY!!! Congratulations!! :cheering:

Sophie looks like her eyes are cloudy, which is an indication that she is going to shed soon. You will love ball pythons, they rock!

They can’t regulate their own body temperature, which is why you ship them overnight. (Which is why at about 3:00 I was freaking out that they weren’t here yet.) They are nice and cozy now, though. :slight_smile:

They are both in shed, which is good timing since I need to let them destress for the week. (Isn’t that maddening?! You finally get them, and then you have to leave them alone.) I upped the humidity in their tubs a bit for an easy shed. I hope I get to watch it!

I get my frozen rats tomorrow, and since the breeder fed them every Friday I will offer them one. They are really amazing!

great lookings snakes.
My DH has quite a few himself,

here is my daughter and her friend holding the one we have had about 10 years

Here is our newest snake

How cute!! Hope they get used to their new home quickly so you can “play” with them!

They are really beautiful. Slytherin (heh) does look a little bewildered…hope he has settled in!

Beautiful snakes everyone!!! :inlove: i’m soo jealous… :oops::mrgreen:

Congratulations!!! They’re gorgeous! :cheering:

Since it’s snakey pic time, here’s our baby, Saphira! She’s a bit bigger now. I need to take some new pix.

The snakes are all just beautiful,but I love the color of the green one good luck with your new snakes

What beautiful snakes everyone! Hey, clb1968, what kind of snake is that? :think: Forgive my ignorance–I know nuthin’ about snakes! :mrgreen: Beautiful color!

They are all so pretty! It’s killing me not to touch mine, but I did get them out this morning to change the water and drill the holes larger. The humidity was getting too high, so hopefully this does the trick.