They took me needles!:sad:

I had a looong loooooong flight coming back home:cheering:…and I thought knitting needles were okay to take on the plane…so I had my scarf OTNs in my laptop backpack…and extra needles of a different size…and another pair of needles just like the one my scarf is on…just broken:shifty:!

got into one airport…went through a few checkpoints…got on my plane…and off in another airport…more checkpoints…and nobody told me anything about my needles…
so then I had to wait for a cpl of hours for my next flight…so pulled out my needles and went bk to my knitting:knitting:…

when I had to get on the plane I just threw my scarf in my purse…and went through another check point to go to my gate(this time my needles are in my purse…so they’re visible)

so even though both my purse and my backpack went through the big thing where they can see wuts in the bag on their screen and they had no problem with it, the guy pulling the bags out of the machine saw the needles(and saw me)…so he went around asking a cpl of ppl if that’s allowed on the plane…they didn’t seem to know…till the manager finally told him to take it…so he tells me they’re not allowed and proceeds to pull my stitches of the needles! I’m new to knitting…so picking up stitches after frogging or if they slipped off the needle is a bit of a pain cuz I keep getting them all twisted…
so…he just jerks the yarn off the needle…and hands it over to me… of course a cpl of the stitches unraveled a bit…and i had to find a way to get a piece of yarn go through all the stitches to it won’t just completely unravel…and had no needles or crochet hook or anything…
it would’ve been so much easier if he gave me a chance to do so while they were on the needles…

that ticked me off…it also got me a bit suspicious cause nobody seemed to care about the needles when they were in the bags…I mean…it’s not like im just hiding the broken pair somewhere…they can’t miss 2 pairs of 40cm needles!! plus nobody seemed to know if they were allowed or not…till the manager told him to take them away…
call me paranoid…but people from my ethnicity often gets questioned/bugged in airports…i know cause I’ve been through it!! so I’m kindda suspicious that this is why they did so…i mean…wouldn’t ANY of the workers know if it was prohibited? even if they didn’t notice it when it was in the backpack/purse(the anonymous bag that they didn’t know who it belongs to) going through that checkpoint?

I also pulled out my scarf on the plane…along with the broken needles…and i knit for like an hour or so…no flight attendants seemed to care…and I’m sure they saw me knitting!

so just to stop my paranoia…anybody else had the same problem with olympic airlines??

so yea…that’s my lil rant…sorry it’s too long and thanks for reading!:hug:
oh…and sorry if it’s not organized and the grammar is all messed up…forgive me but I’m brain dead after being in airplanes and airports for the last 22 hours or so

Maaaaaaaaan! :doh:

If someone had started yanking my hard work off my needles I think I would have poked him in the eye with them.

THAT was rude. You should have been able to at least slip them to some waste yarn or something. Not fair.

I hope your scarf didnt suffer too much damage. :hug:

WOW - that SUCKS. I am getting ready to fly to LA and fully intend to print out (in large font) the TSA webpage that says knitting needles (of any size) are allowed on the plane.

I haven’t heard of Olympic - where were you flying to/from?

I would’ve loved poking him in the eye with it!!! I also wanted to go back home though…didn’t really wanna get arrested…

and yea…it was rude…most of the ppl working in that airport(athens airport) were rude though…
oh well…there wasn’t much damage…but it just ticked me off
thanks! :hug:

I was flying from Egypt to Toronto…stopping at athens…
it’s the greek airlines (they provide reasonable prices for a flight that long:teehee:)

I really hope you don’t have any problems with your knitting!!:hug:

Oh no…that’s too bad. TSA does have the info here;
however it does say they can still take them away if the are perceived to be a threat. So even though it says you can…they can still take them. I’ve heard of people using pencils because they never take those! :teehee:

:teehee::teehee:maybe I’ll try that next time!!

[COLOR=“Silver”][SIZE=“1”]cause honestly, they’ll prolly consider MY needles a ‘threat’ every single time =([/SIZE][/COLOR]

I’ve heard of problems more often on transatlantic flights.

I’ll have to use pencils sometime, too. :teehee:

OMG!! I cannot believe he did that to you!! I would have screamed at him and grabbed them right back before he could do anymore damage.

That is just unbelieveable. Of course I’m not one to make a scene unless it’s called for.

I too would have poked his eyes out with the needles. Okay, maybe I would have just thought about it, but STILL!!! :roflhard:

People suck.

omg thats so wrong! i hope u can save your scarf. am i the only one thinking that u can sharpen pencil to well very pointy but a needle has a much less pontso should be classed as safer? not just that but he should of given u ur scarf to try and save its not for him to yank at ur work. stupid people :hug: im realy sorry, u were picked on like that.

My dh travels all the time (really, not kidding) and all over the world. When we went to Paris and I mentioned trying to bring my knitting with me, he just gave me a look and advised me not to even try.

Yes, I know that there are many people on this board who have knitted on airplanes, usually within the continental US, and that FSA regulations say knitting needles are ok for travel but the reality is that in the Post 9-11 world all bets are off.

It’s frustrating but if the person you have to deal with to get on a plane (and ultimately to your destination) thinks that needles are a no go, then your needles don’t go.

You can make an issue of it, but would you really? Just for a few stitches on a scarf? I’m sorry but I think airport security and customs is a little too scary for all that. I’ve seen people pulled aside for the most ridiculous things in a security check. And while you may think those security people know you are just an average person and not a threat to national security because of your sharp little pointy needles, they are waiting for the next terrorist attack.

Those people in that airport security check (or in the States, any other security check) are serious about what they are doing and sorry to say, IMO, are not always the brightest bulbs in the bunch. But they control whether or not you get on the plane or get to see the Statue of Liberty or climb to the top of the Empire State Building or get to see the Liberty Bell and do you really want to piss them off just to save a few stitches?

I understand how you feel about losing your needles and having to rip them off the needle but seriously, how much time does one have to go through that line? As for me, I want to get through it as fast as possible and so does that little guy behind you who may or may not make his flight. So waiting for you to get a lifeline into your knitting is not anyone’s priority in an airport security line.

Ok, enough said.

Susan ( who is as attached to her knitting as everyone else but thinks the best thing to do when flying is to bring a good book.)

:shock: I can’t believe he took your knitting [B]OFF[/B] your needles!! I have a hard time getting my stitches back on the needles, too. Why not just take everything, yarn and needles?

(I’ve never flown before, so maybe I don’t understand how this works. If you have something (like the needles) that you can’t take on the flight, do they take it from you and give it back after the flight or do they take it from you and you never see it again???)

Has anyone flown from US to Europe recently or from Rome back to the US. I am leaving in 2 weeks and I want to take my knitting with me for the 8 hour flight.

Sorry they did that to you! That “when in doubt” approach is probably the best way for our safety, but it’s not at all friendly.

I’ve been on 6 flights in the last couple months and none of the TSA people said boo about my needles. They were US only flights tho. For two flights I brought my in-progress socks on bamboo needles, and the other flights were preemie caps on Bryspun Flexibles.

Oh and the TSA people love the Daisy Bags from Knitpicks. I carry the small one as my knitting purse with my cards and whatnot in a ziplock bag. They can see my needles and everything else without having to dig through and touch everything.

I don’t agree with everything you said, but on this point I think it can be solved by putting a lifeline in BEFORE you go through the line. That way if they do take your knitting you woudn’t lose a stitch either.

I think TSA recommends that you take a self addressed stamped envelope to mail your needles home. Check with the airport to see if they even have a mailbox. I took my knitting and there wasn’t a problem, but I asked about the mailbox and they said they didn’t have one so it wouldn’t have done me any good had they had taken my needles.


that is so true!!
I even had plastic needles! cheap plastic hollow needles!! I couldn’t hurt a baby with that!! (not that I would…lol)

I agree with you that yes they are always scared of terrorists attacks…and it’s for our own safety…but really…you think a terrorist would plan his attack based on plastic knitting needle?! seriously…I broke a pair of those just tugging on my knitting…

I also agree that it’s not worth making a fuss…I mean…it’s just needles! and it’s a fixable situation…
I only said ‘it’s plastic needles…it can’t hurt anybody’…and he said its not allowed and I didn’t argue…it’s his job after all…and i’m not really complaining cause they took the needles…I’m only complaining cause of how he yanked it off the needles…and cause I felt discriminated against(because they never said anything when they didn’t know who the purse belonged to…they only stopped me after I picked up my purse and was about to leave)

and you’re right that it wouldn’t be fair if I stood there trying to get a lifeline and just get everybody else behind me late… that’s why they took me to the side when they decided they’re gonna take my needles(actually…I was already on the side being ‘randomly picked’ for a search…they took me on the side again as I was picking up my purse though)…and the line behind me went normally and nobody was stalled cause of me and my needles…
after all…it did take me more time putting a lifeline through it when it’s already off the needles with a few stitches undone…

I hope i didn’t offend u:)…

well…the stuff they took off me (needles now…moisturizer and body spray before:)) they just threw in the garbage…but I just found out you can mail them home(as JAN was saying)

good idea!!(the lifeline thing)

and I never knew you could even do that before you told me! thanks!:cheering:

I’m sorry and this may sound not very nice…but how can anybody in this day and age think it is ok to take knitting needles on a plane.
I live in Canada and I guess the rules are very different here. But with all the crap that is going on out there in the world and the whinning that everyone does about doing their part, knitting needles have no place on a plane.
And yes it has pissed me off on more than one ocassion while flying that I couldn’t take mine with me either.:knitting:

I thought the same thing.

Until the man in the seat next to me pulled out a beautiful, fancy, sharp looking pen with which to do his Sudoku.

My #4 Bryspun flexibles were a lot less threatening.

There are so many more dangerous things that are allowed on planes that can do more damage than a knitting needle. TSA says scissors - metal with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches in length,are allowed on a plane, can you believe that. And tweezers too, I know my tweezers are very sharp and could probably be used as a weapon (but I usually check them anyway). They also say they allow tools such as screwdrivers less than 7 in. in length, that’s a pretty big screwdriver that can probably do damage. Pens and pencils too can be much sharper. Most knitting needles probably aren’t sharp enough to do significant damage, yes they’re pointed but its a relativly blunt tip. I think they should worry about those other things before knitting needles, I mean I’ve heard in news stories someone being killed with a screwdriver but not a knitting needle.

ETA: TSA link here if you’re interersted.

im realy sorry to say this but from the sounds of it its just because it was you. i could be wrong and i probaly am its just the way it seems to me.

I fly for work a couple times a year but my husband flies constantly for work. I agree that some people are just ridiculous packers and don’t prepare well for that security check.

For my US flights I already know that knitting needles are ok and it really helps me stay calm when my flight is delayed over and over again.

For international flights it’s all up in the air. I wish there was a place to go for a concrete answer so we wouldn’t have to keep asking about this. I’m preparing for my first trip to London and I’m sure I’ll be fine on the way over but I can’t find a straight answer for the return trip. It just adds alot of stress and anxiety to the planning of any international trip. I would just pack it and read a book but I would be irked with myself for not trying if I saw someone else knitting on the plane. It really just helps pass the time. BUT I would be ever more upset if I tried and my needles were taken away.

Since I can’t find a straight answer for international flights TO the US I’m just going to play it safe, read a little and try to sleep most of the way. (then buy tons of yarn when I get there)