They say there's no "wrong" way to knit

but I’m still a bit worried.

(I’m very new here, by the way. So, hello!)

I’ve been knitting for a few years and just recently realized that I don’t knit as the books say. I use the English Method for the most part except for, when knitting a knit stitch, I wrap the yarn around the FRONT of the right needle in a clockwise motion.

My knit stitches still appear to look the same as everyone elses. Does anyone else do this?

Also, do you have any tips on knitting faster this way?

Interesting… I didn’t realize it before you posted, but somehow I ended up wrapping the yarn clockwise as well…

Hopefully someone can offer some help - for now I think I’ll start wrapping counterclockwise and see what happens!

The thing about knitting is if you’re happy with it then it doesn’t matter how you knit. :wink: BUT if you want to get technical clockwise is the proper way.

I actually had to get up and go knit a few stitches to see how I do it. It’s so automatic for me now. If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like we knit in a similar style. The end result appears to look the same as “normal” knitting. I was self-taught and just did what felt comfortable.That’s all that matters anyway, right?

When watching this video, she is knitting counterclockwise.

I think Jan mistyped.

The way you wrap effects the way the stitches lay on the needle.
//// = clockwise
\\ = counter clockwise
//// requires you to work on the back of the needle
\\ requires you to work on the front of the needle
When they’re off the needle and in the body of the work they both lay relatively flat - - - - - - so it doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent.
If you aren’t consistent in a row you get //////////// which are twisted stitches and give a different effect no matter which way is your normal wrap.

If you are wrapping your knits and purls differently it requires you to work them differently. As with Combined.
When I did Combined and would knit a purl or purl a knit it required thought for which loop to go into so I changed to normal Continental. It probably wouldn’t be a big deal to me now since when I run into a twisted stitch it doesn’t throw me off that much.

The only problem when knitting in non-standard ways are patterns. If you understand the stitches it’s probably not much of a problem.
If you don’t understand the stitches the effect won’t be like intended in the pattern, but again, if you are consistent it will all work out.

Weird. I just noticed that she says counter clockwise, but when I look at her knitting it looks clockwise to me. If I’m looking down the needle toward the point the yarn goes under and then over the top to the right. That looks clockwise to me. At least that’s how my clocks run. :??

Sorry if I confused anyone though! Listen to someone who’s not confusing the issue. :shrug:

Now I never thought about right or wrong but I just knit. Now I went to view the video and was white outed. I got a white page and couldn’t access any of the videos. The rest of the group is fine but the videos are on vacation, lol.

Jan in CA your part of CA must be well south of the equator for your clock to run that direction! :slight_smile: But it is all relative to your point of view. That is what makes it difficult to talk (write) about. If the needle point is facing you the direction shown in the video is counter clockwise (anti-clockwise in the Queens English). But if you are a fly sitting on the needle and looking toward the point you will see the yarn wrap clockwise.

Get a clear plastic cup, look at the bottom from the outside and mark a clock wise arrow. Turn the cup around and you will see the direction reverse because you’re now “through the looking glass” so to speak and looking at the arrow from the opposite side.

But most posters are talking about modern, western style knitting. I’ve seen rare mentions of “knitting in the old way” that sound like what Amy calls combined knitting.

Mike did a good job with showing twisted stitches with just using text, but I know Jan has some good photos too (or am I thinking knit vs. purl) :think:

A collection of video pages can be found by moving your mouse over the View Video tab along the top of the KH page.

Oh, and what about the poor souls with digital watches! How are they to know which way to wrap their yarn? :roflhard:

LOL Jack… maybe that was my problem… I never had an analog watch or clock growing up :wink:

I finally got to watch the videos this morning, Aug. 27,2009. Somehow the clock is off. Any how, she does says clockwise and it is cc looking down,. View is relative but getting the way to do it is important. Jack, you are famous according to her way of remembering how to do it, lol lol. Mike, I do want to say thank you for your explanation was crystal!

:roflhard: I had to watch the whole video to understand your meaning. :aww:

In through the front door,
Once around the back,
Peak through the window,
Then [I]off jumps Jack[/I].

Yep, that is where I got my user name. (Although I though it was from the printed verse beside the video link.) I know, it is not too original but as a man taking up knitting as a hobby it felt like a small leap of faith. Just a jump outside the box, if you will.

Now it seems the weather outside the box is much like the weather inside the box.

Well who looks at their knitting from the other side? Of course you’re like a fly sitting on the needle looking toward the point…in which case I wrap mine ‘clockwise’ because I bring it under then up the left as I’m looking at it and then over the top to the right- clockwise. :lol:

Random comment - As for analog and digital watches, etc… I did not allow my children to have digital watches, Velcro shoes or calculators till they learned to read analog clocks, tie their shoes and do basic math calculations with paper and pencil.

Ditto, that about my children as well. Of course, DW is a teacher and also felt the same. (Or perhaps she convinced me of the merits of learning these things first. :wink: )

Yeah, the whole cw/ccw thing confuses me. I wrap my yarn under the needle then over the top. That’s clockwise as you’re looking down at it, but if you’re looking from the tip toward the back of the needle, it’s counter clockwise. But who looks at their knitting that way?

I look at mine with the point towards the eye. It would probably mess me up to wrap with the points pointing away. Not that I’d wrap the wrong way but I probably wouldn’t get them hold onto the wrap.

I dabble in clock repair and am certified in watch repair. It’s second nature for me to know which way the clock is going no matter which direction it’s facing.
I think everyone should have analog clocks and watches, I wouldn’t be obsolete then. :slight_smile:

Mine are usually pointing to either side, so I’m looking at the shaft of the needle more than the end.

Poor Sue. She gives herself the shaft.

Ummmm, no. I’m just looking at it.

Exactly! :thumbsup: :teehee: