They Always Remember The Yarn

Howdy folks!

I haven’t been online very much in the past several weeks, mostly due to just not managing to stop at places with free wifi service. I am currently in a motel in Orlando while my truck is in for engine repairs.

Last weekend I had parked for the night and accidentally walked over to the bar and grill next door to the truck stop for a burger and a couple of adult libations before retiring for the evening.

The bartender kept giving me funny looks as I ate my burger. Once I had finished eating I pulled my knitting out of it’s backpack and started working on the hat I am currently making for a friend.

When the bartender saw the yarn she rushed over “I thought I recognized you! You’re the trucker who ‘yarns’!”

I chuckled and admitted that yes, I am the trucker who “yarns”. She was my best friend after that.

They may forget my face (and who could blame them, eh?) but they never forget the yarn.

Love it!!! LOL

Welcome back Mason. Lotsa people have been missing you. Good to know you are okay and still accidently wandering into bars with your knitting again. Wishing you well. :clink:

That is priceless! What a way to be remembered. Nice to see you back. As you can see, you were missed.

Too funny! Welcome back Yarn Man! :woot:

:roflhard: You always make me laugh, Mason! I’ve missed you around here!

Hee hee! That’s for sure! Next thing…we’re gonna see is an NBC camera crew following the “Yarn Guy” sightings!

I love it!! We’ve certainly missed you and your yarn stories!

Thanks for sharing Mason and good to see your posts. :yay:

That’s very cool. I bet you meet some very interesting people out there.

I love the fact that “yarns” can mean two things: knitting and telling a story. You do both well.

Wecome back Mason, you have been missed!

Trucker who “yarns”…lol…Priceless!

Good to see you are still out and spreading the “yarn” to all corners of the road. Funny what people remember isn’t it?
Really like the new profile pic too!

so good to “see” you again! glad you’re doing well! GREAT STORY! LOL!

Thanks to everyone who has expressed a “welcome back”. I haven’t been gone, just out of touch as it were.

Still knitting away although since the small pipe holster inspiration I haven’t really come up with anything new, original, or especially remarkable.

Hey Mason, glad to hear you are back in touch and all is well (except for your engine of course). You’ve been missed!