These needles are driving me crazy!

In my enthusiasm to get started on my very own NEBB :stuck_out_tongue: I grabbed the only set of circular needles they had at JoAnn’s. (Susan Bates) The pattern called for straight needles, but I can do math - 20 inches times the sq root of 2 is a heck of a lot longer than I want to cram onto straight needles, not to mention the weight!

I am so frustrated from fighting with the dang cable! It’s not kinked, but it won’t uncurl, even though it’s got about 17 inches of work on it. Other than that, they’re not too bad, the aluminum is nice and smooth, the tips aren’t pointy enough to kill me, and the stitches aren’t snagging at the join.

I’m reading through the Interchangeable Needle Poll thread, and I’m almost convinced to order the Options, but I get the feeling I won’t like the pointy tips too much. JoAnn will let me order the Boye set, and even claims they’re in the store, but I didn’t see them (and I wasted an hour picking out yarn and a set of needles - I should have seen them)

I think I’m pretty quick for a beginner, and I haven’t had any problems with stitches sliding off the aluminum, so I’m tempted to go whole hog and order the Options now. Any opinions other than the ones expressed in the thread?

I haven’t used any of the interchangeables, but in the mean time, try putting some water in a big bowl, heating it up to just about boiling, and dip the cable of your Susan Bates in it for a few seconds. That should help them to uncurl.

Thanks, I just saw that in a review. sigh where’d those straight needles get off to?

Don’t forget the Denise needles. I’ve had 0 problems with them. I’ve noticed that other students in the knitting classes I take has ended up buying the Denise set as well.

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’ve written about Options so many times … They’re wonderful!

If you want to be sure if you like them or not, why not order one set of tips and the size cable you need and try them out. If you then love them, get the whole set!

Good luck and happy knitting!

Ruthie :waving:

That’s [I]exactly[/I] what I did. I got one set of tips in Options and Harmony and a set of cables to try them both out. I just ordered the Options today! I [B]loved[/B] them!!! :heart: Now to [SIZE=“1”]not so[/SIZE] patiently wait for them to get here.

Congrats! I don’t think you’ll be sorry. :slight_smile: In the meantime, did you try uncurling the cable with the hot water method? If so, did it help?

Thanks, y’all. Yes, I did, and it did help. It’s still a stiff as heck cable, but I’m not wrestling with it every dang row. I’d still like an interchangeable set, but that’s not an immediate need at the moment. I have this irrational fear of not being able to make gauge, and I’m an instant-gratification type of gal.

Ack, late for work! Gotta run!

Me too. I tried both and then ordered the Options. I had a difficult time choosing one over the other because I did really like them both. I ended up choosing the Options just because I have always liked metal just a touch better than wood.

I just wanted to drop in to say that the options are awesome. When I get some more money I’d like to try out a pair of harmonies too. The pointy tips don’t bother me too much. I have a number of calouses(spelling?) on my fingers and hands from the various things I’m always injuring them on. :roll: But I love the smoothness of them. I swear it’s like heaven knitting on them. cloud9


Dipping the Bates in hot water really helps. Don’t get the Boye!!! The cables are much stiffer than the Bates. I have KP options, too and have no problem with the pointy tips and the cables are wonderfully flexible. Haven’t tried the Denise.


In regard to the Optons being pointy- I think people ae getting the wrong idea about them. They are very tapered but smooth on the tips- like a ballpoint needle vs a regular needle. Hope this puts some worries at rest. One of the things I really like is that they don’t make a clicking sound until you get up into the larger sizes. I have a set of size 10 1/2 points that I will send to anyone who wants them. I switched to a Harmony set for that size.

I think I’m off to Knit Picks to order… if I can talk my DH into getting my credit card out of the bedroom for me :slight_smile:

It’s funny how you progress in preferences. I did a 1-ball scarf for my MIL on acrylic straight needles and thought they were pretty good. I started this blanket on the same needles (different size - I got the set of three) and switched to the Bates when the work started getting heavy. When I had to pull it off the Bates to straighten the cable, the acrylic needles were… icky.

I seriously think I’m going to want needles as slick as possible, at least for worsted weight and above, and since I am going to progress beyond knit and purl, I might as well order at least one set of Options circs.

I was slightly concerned about the pointyness, since I do tend to use the tip of my finger to move the stitches up (push the left needle back?) but heck, I can use some calluses.

Ellieblue, what’s a helmet liner? I mean, I guess I know, it just never occurred to me to wear one - the new helmets are pretty comfortable and snug.

LOVE my Options! I’d go with them!