These mitts have me so confused

I’m knitting Alice’s Mitts

(It’s a free Ravelry download)

I’ve knit the thumb hole, back and forth, starting with a WS row.

Now I don’t know what to do!

I now have one side of the mitt that’s 14 rows longer than the other and if I join in the round again and start the K3, P3 ribbing, it will all bunch up and I’ll have two holes on each side of the mitt.

Did I read the pattern wrong?

Here’s the basic pattern for those not on Rav:

CO 30
Rounds 1-14: K3, P# to end.
Rounds 15-35: Knit

Thumb hole is knit back and forth, starting with a WS row.

Row 1: Sl1, P across
Row 2: Sl1, K across

Repeat last 2 rows 7 times, total of 14 rows.

Rounds 50-63: K3, P3 to end.


Help? :shrug:

It isn’t clearly written IMO. Rip back to wear you started the thumb hole. Now you are going to knit back and forth for those rows to create the thumb hole. Knit across the the hand and back to the end of the round, but instead of continuing in a circle you’re going to turn and purl back across the stitches to the start. Repeat for as many rows as you want then when you join again you’ll have the hole on one side.

Okay, so I just had a “duh” moment. I figured it out.

I guess I’m so used to magic looping socks that I was only knitting back and forth across half of the stitches and not all of them!

But I now have another question!

Is there an easy way of flat knitting something that is in the round?

It’s so tight I can barely get my needles in there to knit across the first row. :frowning:

I’m not sure what you mean. You are just going to turn instead of continuing around for x number of rows.

It will be tight for a couple rows, you might keep on with the ML technique of pulling the cord out between the sts just so you can do a few rows, then it’ll be easier. Don’t forget to knit it flat though.