These look beautiful

Wow, I’m dying to make these socks:

These are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!


I’ve got the feeling that these will be OTN in the near future. :teehee:

Those are beautiful! Love the pattern, color and even the photo!

However, to me it always seems like pretty stitch patterns on socks are not worthwhile. I would want a smoother feel inside my shoes and wouldn’t walk around my house in just socks (hardwood floors). And if I am wearing socks I am probably wearing pants too and I would never see them. Maybe I just need to change my ways!


Hmmm…perhaps we should start a new trend…socks with shorts, socks with capris, socks with rolled-up jeans…

I plan to show mine off somehow.


i would definitely change my ways to wear those socks!!

Those are so pretty! I’d love to work up to making them.

Those socks are veeeeeeery beautiful! I would love to make them some time :cheering:

We should start a knit along :teehee:

Oh, those are so pretty and look like a fun knit :cheering: