These aren't the campfire socks you're looking for

So I’m supposed to be knitting Cider Moon’s campfire socks… how is it that these are on my needles instead then? :?? :teehee:

Twisted Tweed by Schrodinger

Moron… I mean more on my blog. :shifty:

Ooo I like those! And the instructions are for both toe up and top down! Gotta love that!!

That looks like a great pattern!

:teehee: Those are going to be so neat! Love that twisted stitch!

These are awesome! They’re going to be great!

WHAT?!?!?! You went against the vote??? :tap:

Nah just kidding. Those look great, I love the color you chose!

Those are cool looking. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Very pretty pattern!!:inlove:

:teehee: ya know when you posted the poll I though hrmm why didn’t I ever make those… now I remeber why I didn’t have the correct weight for them… those are looking good… and very nice pattern…:happydance:

I’ve actually finished this sock since posting, but thought I would update anyway. This one is done and the foot is almost complete on the second sock after some great knitting time (6 hours!) to Milwaukee and back this weekend. Enjoy.

:happydance:Looks great!!