These are so cute!

I saw these today and got a big kick out of them! Unfortunately, I would have to make the largest size for my big old feet! :oops:

LOL - They ARE adorable!!

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, cookworm… I would need the largest ones myself! But those are… unique!!:slight_smile:

OMG they are just the sweetest thing :slight_smile:

Too cute, it’s a shame they are crochet only. I’d love a pair of those for up at the cottage. Unfortunately I am not a hooker, I only knit!

I have a pattern for these. Tell me your foot size and I’ll play hooker for you giggle.

Those are very cute.

I didn’t realize you could make those babies big enough for grown-ups! I’ve seen them for babies. MAN! I want some now…