These Are Adorable!

Has anyone seen these?

I wonder if the store owner would make them into stitch markers.

Those are really cute! I like the idea of stitch markers. I loved the little pumpkin ones!!

Those are so cute! I love them. They would be cute as stitch markers , something to put on knitted gifts, I like small things- I would put them in my dollhouse. :teehee:

They are cute, but I don’t think they’d make good stitch markers. Stitch markers should not get caught in the stitches like these most likely would.

Those are real cute!

Yup…totally cute!

I have sterling ones similar to the yarn and needles, and they do get caught in projects when in use as stitch markers…

Hey! Just had to register to thank you for posting my jewellery :muah:

I have considered making them into stitch markers but I too thought they’d get caught up and generally be a nuisance. I haven’t actually tried it yet though. I’ve also been asked about making them into charms for zippers on knitting bags…

Anyway thanks again!

Hey, it’s nice to meet you. zipper pulls would be too cute.

I would SO buy those as charms for my knitting bag/ purse!! :thumbsup:

How cute! I’d definitely use them as charms/zipper pulls too!

Awesome! Thanks for the positive response everyone. Looks like I’d better get to work on those then :slight_smile:

Really cute! :yay:


I love the cute little yarn and needles. As a zipper pull would be great. I can’t wear jewelry that isn’t gold, but I still love all your cute earrings. By the way did someone mention key rings?

They are adorable as earrings! I don’t think they would make good stitch markers though, too many points to catch. BUT GREAT earrings!!!