"These 2 rows set the patt for moss stitch" ...What 2 rows?!

Good evening Knitting Help,

I am making a Cable Cushion Cover and would really like some help to clarify something.

The pattern I am following has the below section:

Row 1: K1 [(p1,k1) four times, p1, work 13 sts row 1 cable with bobbles patt] 3 times, (p1,k1) 5 times.
These 2 rows set the patt for the moss st and cable panels. Cont as set until front measures 40cm ending with a WS row.

I just don’t understand what 2 rows they are referring to? I am not sure if it is a mistake but there is only one row that has been referenced. First I did the back of the cushion and this is the first line of the front. I think it just means to repeat this 1 row (including the lines from separate cable with bobbles pattern).

This is from the book Winter Knits made easy.

Thanks for reading.

I assume this is being knit flat? So if you just work that same set of directions back across (substituting to work row 2 of the cable pattern), you will get seed stitch on the sides. Which is sometimes called moss stitch. Which is sometimes something different. Without a picture (and I went looking unsuccessfully for one), it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of texture you’re supposed to have, but you will have a texture going down the sides of the cable pattern.

Short answer - I think you have the right of it that they goofed on writing it up, but you just repeat that row over and over.