Thermal from Knitty

Does anyone else want to knit the Thermal from Knitty? I searched for Knit-Along for it but can’t find it yet.

I have to order my yarn for it still (but I do have 2 balls of the color I think I will use for it coming from knitpicks) so I could start with this if other people want to join in! I figure it will take me until the fall if I start it soon what with bar studying this summer and my desire to make several summery tanktops.


This is the link for a thermal KAL. It’s a lovely pattern.


There’s one on the craftster forum - Thermal KAL, and maybe on the knittyboard too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start one here…



I have Thermal on my list, but I don’t think I’ll get to it until around August! :shrug: Too many baby blankets, graduation presents, etc. that need to be done on time. I bought one ball of Knitpicks Gloss to make fingerless gloves, just so I could see how this yarn knits up and wears, and I’m liking it so far. :cheering:


Thanks for the information on the knit-a-longs!

Thank you for the information on gloss as well!

I am going to start knitting it after I finish my tank-top I think and after I try a pair of socks with the gloss I have ordered. Therefore, I won’t be starting it for a bit as well. However, I’ll post on here when I do and if anyone wants/is ready to join me then, great!

I’ll also try and join the knit-a-long linked as well.

Thanks everyone!

Oh, wow! I can’t believe i missed this one. It is going on my list, but I have 2 pairs socks, one hat, and 3 sweaters OTN ahead of it…

I am making sox out of gloss right now, love it!


I’ve been wanting to knit this ever since I saw it. It’s probably WAY too advanced for me but I think I’ll join you and give it a try! So I’ll keep an eye out for when you start it. :happydance:

This one is on my future list too…but who knows when I’ll get to it! I’ve got plenty on the needle, and plenty of yarn ordered for other projects right now!

Oh , that looks like fun to make .
I want to start it only I am in the process of fixing my home for sale . Yippie !!! Going to be moving soon :cheering:

Allso, I wonder what other yarns could be used , subsituted.Maybe something with less wool , more cotton or silk.
I will have to find out , This would make for a nice year round pullover sweater . Beach wear , winter wear , chilly spring days/nights, and fall time .

Definitly , this is on my to do list .

I’ll post here once I have ordered the yarn for it and when I am about to start. I think it would be great in any number of substituted yarns, inlcuding a nice thin cotton like knitpicks shine sport if you wanted a summer one. I’m glad you all want to knit it as well!

I just ordered the yarn & needles from Knitpicks. Did anyone else have a problem finding the needles? I tend to knit tightly so I ordered US 3’s. Can’t wait until everything gets here so I can get started. Does anyone know where knitpicks ships out of?

Knitpicks ships from Ohio. Where are you?


oops dup post

I’m in New Jersey. Shouldn’t be long at all. :cheering: :cheering:

I hope you get your order soon! I can’t wait to see your progress. I get my KnitPicks package tomorrow most likely based on the tracking info from KnitPicks and I will let you all know how the gloss works up.

Please keep us updated on your progress so that when we start it we have something to work towards!

Thanks! I def. will. :happydance:

A few weeks ago I went to a place called the “Wool Factory” which was having a huge sale. I bought 2 huge spools (approx. 900 gr) of a pretty blue in a wool/merino/silk mix - it’s almost the same shade of blue as in the thermal pattern. I swatched it and hit gauge spot on…so obviously it was meant to be. :heart:

I still have to get my hands on a circular needle with a long enough cord, though. If I find one at my LYS today I’ll cast on this weekend and get the thermal started. I might need a head start, I’ve only been knitting for six months and I don’t knit all that fast. Also, the yarn I’ll be using splits very easily, so I have to pay close attention to my stitches.

Oh, and based on the time the swatch took to knit up, the size of the needles and the number of stitches per row…this is going to be a huge project! But I don’t mind, I need a big project to work on. I also love the look & feel of the pattern in the swatch.

The Gloss is gorgeous! I can’t wait to start, but I have got to finish at least one of the other 2 projects I currently have on the needles before I start this.

ooooh, that is gorgeous! :heart:

I’m slogging my way through the bottom ribbing of the thermal and have one more row to go before I start on the waffle stitch pattern…this sweater is going to take me a lonnnnng time!

I ordered my yarn!!

Hmaburg Knitter, please keep us updated on your progress! I don’t know when I will start this, but it will be after I finish my tanktop. I decided to go with the burgundy color and I can’t wait to start working on it. It will probably have to be after finals as well because knitting can’t be the the first priority which is so unfortunate sometimes!

I’ll be joining the thermal slog-a-long soon!