There's more than one way to felt a dress

Check this guy out! He felts with small hand sanders and makes awesome gowns. My favorite it “Symbiosis”.
They’re awesome!

[color=red]i found some more![/color]

Wow love those dresses!! Kent state we pass the exit for that when we head towards WV I think… or maybe I see the exit on above us… I see it somewhere :rollseyes:

thats an expensive hobby. i didn’t read any of it… but does he sell them? i like Net

Wow!! Those are so cool. Carmell, I liked Net the best, too. I wonder how those dresses feel on? I would think they would be heavy!! Although I guess if you’re wearing something like that you aren’t going for function… :wink:

I can’t decide whether I like Aflame or Moss best. I need one of these for a recital dress! Think I can figure out how to do it and finish one by December? :lol:

WOW! That’s impressive. Very cool.

Interesting, but I can’t really say I’d like a dress made with chicken bones! My goodness.

I love peoples interpretations of art. These are awesome. I would love to see them up close.

STUNNING!! :heart: :heart: Aflame!!

I can’t pick just one…
Aflame, Monarch, Net, Moss and Autumn… but Net the most:)

Wow that is cool! My MIL lives in Kent and I have acutally been to the fashion museum. Can’t wait to tell her about this exhibit.

WOW! I’m LOVING THIS!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Thanks for the link!