There's a scarf on the weather

which is just what I want!..but it doesn’t say where to get the pattern …anyone feel like checking it out for me? it’s in features, and is called “A scarf for any season”. They show a white, very thick and fluffy scarf wrapped around someone’s neck. I would love to knit one.

go here: and look for
a scarf for any season…in the features down at the bottom of page. Perhaps we can figure out the pattern.

and thank you!

btw: we still have lots of snow, and I like to knit when it’s cold like this.
this is my backyard:

I don’t see it. Like a lot of sites, this one may pop up with ads pertinent to your personal previous browsing history. I get them for when I go to an astrology page.

I can’t find it either, but it sounds nice.

oh wow, we don’t all see the same list of features?..if you scroll down, down, down… below the weather icons, where they show little suns or clouds or such…there’s a list of newsy items you can click on. In the 3rd column, below where it shows Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon, there are newsy features (not an ad); one is called ‘a scarf for all seasons’. You mean nobody else is getting it? What a trick!

I see it listed under features but I haven’t been able to track down the original article. Try this link
Beautiful backyard and photo, Woodi.

Hard to tell because it is sideways and so bunched up but, this may just be a ribbing with thick yarn and big needles.

Thanks for the link! It’s really pretty. I think a similar effect is possible via crochet. I really think it looks crocheted in fact.

Definitely knitted ribs. Maybe it’s the “wrong” side of half brioche done on very large needles.

Ok I see it now, didn’t look in the right place. As usual, it’s a briocheor fisherman’s rib.

Do you mean this scarf?

Here is a FREE scarf pattern, called River Scarf(click to view)

If you like the white scarf…you’ll like the River Scarf. I found it over at Ravelry by typing [B]bulky scarf[/B] in to the patter search. It looks like an easy quick knit. Not complicated brioche.

Look at this River Scarf. It’s also beautiful. But I will say…it’s best with thick-thin bulky yarn.

YESSSS…!!! thank you Artlady! that is the one.

I copied out the PDF pattern from Ravelry. Not the same but might be similar enough. Can’t wait to knit this one up…might get me through the remaining winter weeks here. It’s been a loooooong, cold winter.

Thank you again, everyone!

Well this is my rather large sample patch…I’m not sure it looks exactly like the scarf in the photo which Artlady (thanks again) posted…but it is very thick, relatively easy to knit once you practice a bit. I think the white one in the photo had some bobbles or hearts on it, not just railroad tracks like mine. or do they just look like bobbles because the white yarn is so thick?

How do you get a stitch to look heart-shaped?