There's a kittie in the tree

I was doing dishes when I notice a car stop outside the house and someone got out and was walking about in the trees in front of the house. I went out and asked if something was wrong. Turns out she saw something chase a kittie across the road and up one of the trees in the front yard. Now I am fixated on this kittie…I don’t have cats and don’t anything about cats…do I just leave it there or can I do something to entice it to come down? It is quite a ways up there

Is the lady still out there? Maybe grab a can of tuna and go out and sit there? I dunno, call the fire department and see what they say? Poor little thing…

Well, as my retired firefighter DH used to say…did you ever see a cat skeleton in a tree? :teehee: Is she very high up or can you tell if it’s a kitten? They can usually come down by themselves. You might try enticing her with some tuna. If she’s still up there tomorrow then there might be a problem and she’ll need to be rescued.

LOLOL! My daddy always told us this one and he was right! They will come down when they feel that the coast is clear and/or get hungry. And if you, as a stranger is standing there looking at them, they won’t feel that the coast is clear. The fire dept. will usually not handle this unless you are totally involved with them.