There once were three christmas presents

…that are now ruined :crying:
I could cry and scream, I tell you. So what happend?

As some of you may know, I’m a smoker. So I had the bright idea of washing the christmas gifts for my aunt and my two little cousins(btw. head band and two scarves) before I give them away…
…sooooooooo wrong! The head band would fit a elephant now(ok, maybe a bit exaggerating her :rollseyes: ) and the scarves are as wide as a gift ribbon(a wider ribbon, but definately not scarf size!).
And that happens to me 4 days before christmas eve(in Germany we exchange gifts and meet on christmas eve)!!!

Sorry, needed to vent about it to people who could understand my sorrow…goes back to knit emergency socks for cousins…

oh crap!!! That totally sucks!!!

I don’t have any “have you tried…?” advice either :frowning: Sounds like you have a few longs nights ahead of you :verysad: good luck <hug>

:frowning: Hugs to you :heart:

OH NO!!! I wish I could wave my magic wand and stop time for you. :XX: :XX: :XX:

screams in horror along with you I wish I had a few answers or suggestions for you… [size=1]but I don’t[/size] :verysad:

oh, I am so sorry!!!
God bless you!

Oh man. :crying:

Oh man!! What if you dried the hat in the dryer? Not sure. What’s the fiber content. Have they dried yet? Maybe stretch the scarves and pin while they dry? YIKES!!

I have my own panic, but not nearly as bad as yours. I woke up this morning and remembered that I hadn’t made anything for my youngest niece. Oooops!! So I’m throwing together a quick hat for her. :x:

If they are, by any chance acrylic, they might dry to their more original size if you wet them again and the dry them in the dryer.

Ouch… Maybe pick up some cotton yarn and knit a few wash cloths and face cloths? :thinking:

:frowning: I’m so sorry :frowning:

oh my gosh that is so sad. :crying:
i wish they could be saved, but i hope you get something done in time.

:heart: :heart: :frowning: :heart: :heart:

Thanks for your replies :heart:

The scarves were made out of sock yarn and I should have known they stretch, but I did a similar one for me and it didn’t…

Anyway, I finished two pairs of socks and brought little presents(teddy bear and princess crown) in time. Now I can go back to correcting Samus…

I just experienced something very similar.
What causes this?