There HAS to be an easier way

Okay, so last night, I decided that I really needed to wind my skein of cotton ease into a center pull ball - BIG MISTAKE :wall: - all I ended up with was a big mess - a big mess that I’m still trying to untangle. I’m fine winding a hank, but I’m obviously missing something when I try to wind yarn in this shape (whatever this shape is called - the lion brand shape…)

Do you all wind from this shape?

I do. I always re-wind yarn into a regular old ball.

I think I know what type of wind you are talking about with Lion Brand, and as far as I know, the loose end is usually tucked into one of the ends of the ball. If you can find that end it is smooth sailing.

Go here and you can find 'how to wind a center pull ball" video.
I’ve used this 100s of times now and LOVE IT!


It’s hard winding a center-pull ball from the those skeins that have the strands overlapping each other; it twists and turns and is a major PITA. I usully stick my finger into the end and try to pull from the center… I usually end up with a big glob of yarn, but the end is in ther somewhere. I know, it’s a littler redundant to pull fromthe center so I can re-wind into a center pulled ball, but I like working with yarn balls instead of the other sausage shaped skeins. Amy’s video is great: to reiterate her directions, remeber to wind loosely, especially when you’re first starting the ball (you can tighten up a bit later after it gets going)… otherwise you won’t be able to pull the center out! I like to wind for a while, then pull out the center part–those wraps you do around your forefinger and thumb, and then leave that center end dangling; then I wind the rest of the ball, knowing thet I am 1, able to find the center again, #2 not “blocking” the hole where the yarn come out. Good luck!

I hardly ever wind yarn into a new ball. In fact, I only do it when it comes in a hank. For a skein, I just pull out the center until I find the end, and start knitting.

And by the way, when you do pull out the center and a big glob comes out with it, that’s called Yarn Vomit. :roflhard:

That makes sense, because I know I felt SICK when that happened to me. :roflhard:

I’ve found that most wound skeins have one end where the outside end is tucked in. I pull that out (is only a few inches) and then reach in the other end for the pull-out end of the yarn. Sometimes you get a lump, but after that it’s usually smooth sailing.

yeah - I’ve definitely used Amy’s video on winding balls before, and it has worked fine for hanks - I was just curious if everyone else had the same frustrations with winding the preformed balls…

And by the way, when you do pull out the center and a big glob comes out with it, that’s called Yarn Vomit.

Gosh this forum is helpful. I thought I was just too much of a klutz to neatly pull out the yarn from the center and have just dealt with unwinding from the outside.

Well ever since I learned how to roll a center pull ball, I’ve been using it to wind skeins. I use the TP tube method to do so, primarily since I’ve worked up a nice little board with TP holders and then I just put my center pull balls on it, works out nice, except when the cats decide to “play”. :thinking:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Yarn vomit, HILLARIOUS!!!
I want to try that nostpinne thingie since I saw tip in SnB on makingh your own. But I bet I could find one around here someplace, lots of scandinavians, germans and such, lots of craft fairs with woodworking of that nature…

yarn vomit…i’m still snickering… :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

Binky, I made one: I got my leg at Menards. It was easy! My husband the anal retentive woodworker, made me use the rasp and the sander and the the band saw for crying out loud, plus finish it with the “special” polyeurethene :rolleseyes: Can I get him to make me needles? No.

I think it would be cool to do another one, and decorate it with paint, or those rub-on transfer thingies, before the poly… Hmm, i’ll bet you could sell those too!

Cool Hildie, I am just fiesty enough to make one myself. And my dh will make me do the same as yours, and maybe even find a reason to go buy whatever tool he doesn’t have to “help” me. :doh:
I got a chance a few times tonight to practice doing small center pull balls, as my latest project went from being bothered by a row that was purled too loose , then frogged because I dropped a couple stitches in the process of unpurling… ACK! The ball I was working from got all fowled up so I spent over an hour trying to untangle it! whew, I’m tired and have a sore neck! :rollseyes: