There goes the secret!

I answered the phone this morning and took a message for my husband--------------------------from my LYS. “Please tell Mr. C. that the Jordana Paige bag he ordered is in.”

I gave him the message and he was not happy. He had given the shop his office #, cell # and fax #. They chose to call his home # and leave the message with me!

So, either I’m getting a Jordana Paige bag for Christmas or my husband has decided to start knitting!

How irritating! I don’t blame him for being ticked off! Anyhoo…congrats! :wink:

Ohhhh…I would have to beg him to not be irritated :eyebrow: so that you get that YUMMY BAG :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: :cheering:

Oh, I’m sure he will still give me the bag. Maybe he will tuck a gift certificate inside!?!?

I’ll manage to be very happy on Christmas morning----how could I not be with a JP bag all my very own!

:doh: DOH! It may not be a suprise now, but it will still be nice to receive.

But do you know what color? Or what style?? It’ll still be a surprise! :cheering:


:happydance: :happydance:

Let’s hope my DH follows suit… (he knows I want the satchel as SOON as it comes out… :D)

The silly lady did mention that the red bag was in. I think that narrows the field!

I’m not really that upset. I know I will love the bag!

Sad that it’s no surprise, but what a great husband for getting it for you on his own!! :cheering:

That’s the same one I have!!

Actually, after seeing the great deals you got on e-bay, I have been haunting the site. He may have noticed my regular visits----checking and double checking.

But, yeah, he is a great guy to order the bag. Well, that and a few other qualities!

It’s sort of bummer to know your christmas presents in advance… although I still try :wink: Just the other day I found a bag of knitting type notions in the closet my DH told me was " off limits ".

The JP bags are beautiful and I’m sure you will enjoy.


OH! :mad: POOR GUY! I HATE when that happens…there have been SEVERAL times that DH has worked SO hard to make a nice surprise for me only to have it stupidly RUINED.

That’s OK! I’m still thinking there will be a really nice gift certificate tucked inside the lovely bag! That will be my surprise!

And, Kelly, aren’t you the one sniffing out presents where ever they may be? Seems you have mentioned this once or twice!

DH worked so hard. He must be a great guy. And the effort he put is just makes it so much more special!!

Congrats on the bag and man!!!

My dad doesn’t know HOW to do Christmas shopping(that was always my mother’s department), so I pretty much pick out my own Christmas presents. It’s a bit less fun that way, but at least it’s never disappointing!
It’ll all be the same by December 26th anyway. :wink:


Nice. I hate when a surprise goes outted.

I didn’t quite get the rage about JP bags until I just checked out the site

:shock: :shock:

I want one now!! Yay for your Christmas present though! I love when husbands or boyfriends know just the right thing to get like that :slight_smile:

i gotta say, i would have found this to be the biggest coup of christmas! :rofling: Surprises drive me crazy and i can’t rest until i find out what they are…and i almost always figure it out and it delights me to do so! The only time i don’t like it is when i have no clues…that takes the fun straight outta it for me! :wink:

So since your dh has started knitting, what is his first project? :roflhard: Sorry his surprise got messed up! Stupid LYS!