There are TOO many emoticons now!


Sorry … I’m just kiddin’ … I couldn’t resist.

:heart: :heart:

:passedout: Overwhelmed with all the new choices!!! :clap: :woot:


:muah: OMG … Look at all the choices!! :notworthy:

:hot: This one was appropriate about a week ago.

I LOVE the new emoticons. The more, the better! :muah:


They’re all so cute!

:clink: :blooby: :hair: :violin:

These are fun!

I am totally in love with these four:

:flirt: :whistle: :passedout: :clink:

:woohoo: omg those are cool !!! I didn’t see em !!!

:chair: I love this one. It reminds me of my kids. They are always falling out of their chairs!

Oh what fun!! :yay:

i love the new emoticons!!! :teehee:

:woot: :yay:
Rock On Emoticon!!!

:biting: This one is rather scary

:thud: This one is cute

:whoosh: This happens to me a lot sadly

:poke: This one makes me laugh muchly

:violin: :wall:

I sure could use these two at work.

I love this: :thud:

And this: :woot:

And of course, this: :hair:

They’re all wonderful, though! Just don’t use them all at once [size=1]Hildie[/size]… :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:


I think you all know what my favorite is …
BLOOBY!!![/size] :blooby:

:?? I said that already, didn’t I?

I am no longer able to write email or notes to my children w/out the use of emoticons. How did we ever live w/out them!?

What is a dancing blooby? :blooby:

It’s one of my cousins.

:poke: This reminds me that tomorrow is the first day of school !!! It is so different once the kids come back. Gotta :heart: 'em …