There are so many choices

Hi all I’ve been to a knitting group tonight in my mums shop and all the new yarns are on the way out for the autumn months. There are soo many things I want to knit I can’t choose which to do first. I no some people who have about 5 things on the go but I can’t do it. I’ve only got 2 items of knitting at the moment and its driving me mad that they aren’t finished.

How do you decide what to knit and over come the choices yarn shops offer us? I’ll be busy for next few months hehe x

I just knit what catches my eye and what I will really put the effort into. Some things I like, but know I’d just never finish.

That said…I’ve got a ton of stuff on the needles… :shifty:

I am in the same boat as you, except I don’t have a mom with a knitting shop. I have a huge line-up of projects and more pattern that have caught my eye. Have you ever tried einy, meeney, miney, mo?

I like to start one BIG/COMPLICATED project, but have materials for 2-3 small/easy projects waiting. When I get bored with the BIG project I can get some instant gratification from whipping up the small project(s). Usually this motivates me to go back to the BIG project for a while.

Oh how wonderful to have a mom who has a yarn shop! If all of us could only be so lucky, but at the same time I can understand how overwhelming it must be for you. I have been knitting for a long time, on and off, but never really “pushed” my skills until I recently joined KH. I usually have about 4 projects going at the same time and most often try to get at least 2 of those finished before I start something else. I work on the more complicated things when I feel I can be totally focused…the easier stuff when I don’t have to overwork my brain.

Okay. Getting a little sidetracked! What I was wondering is, are you planning to knit any gifts for Christmas? Maybe you could just narrow down your selections to those projects and get them done so it’s not a last minute rush. BTW…I live in TX. I want to come to the UK and move into a tiny room in the back of your mom’s shop!:woot:

My philosophy is that knitting is supposed to be fun so when the fun stops with one project I move on to the next. I usually have only a couple projects going, a project I can do in front of the tv and another more complicated project.

I seem to have a constant list of others to knit for. At the moment it is for a new baby (now 10 days overdue!) who has had cardigan and mary-jane booties. Then my middle daughter wants a pair of the mary-jane’s in her size as slippers.