There are nice people in the world!

I know there was a thread somewhere about the nice things that happen to us that restore our faith in mankind but i couldn’t find it. I thought i would just share this story.

At the moment i have got a terrible cold. Not flu, jut very bunged up, blocked nose and sinuses, coughing etc. I was waiting for the bus home last night,and here in the UK Sunday buses can be infrequent and irregular, so i had already been stood for 45 mins. Whilst i was stood there i started coughing. I meen really coughing, i just could not get it to clear and i couldnt catch my breath, (it was very windy out which didn’t help). The more i coughed the harder it was to breathe until finally my asthma caught on and i was realy starting to struggle.
Still coughing i fumbled around in my handbag for my inhaler, of course it was right at the bottom, so there i am with one hand full of the things i had pulled out of my bg, the other hand wih a walking stick and my inhaler in, trying to get the cap off and use it - starting to realy struggle for breathe now. As im doing this, tears steaming down my fac, the bus comes along, slows down, and because nobody puts their hand out to stop it (i wasn’t realy in a position to) it drives off.

The fact that my bus has just gone without me, flusters me (i still hadn’t managed to use the inhaler yet) and now i realy can’t breathe. A kind woman also at the stop comes over to help and i hand her my bag and stick so that i can use the inhaler properly. I then explained to her that that was my, bus but it was ok, there was another one in half an hour or so etc etc. She was very nice but there is not much she could do to help.
I sat down for a minute and rang my bf, to tell him what had happened. When i got off the phone, the same kind lady came over and said she was from the local church and their evening service was just finishing. She had phoned friend who would be along shortly to give me a lift home.

I was shocked. It was so sweet and kind of them to help me, a perfect stranger, get home safely when i was ill, especially as they had to drive completely out of their way to get me there. What lovely people. :muah::hug:

I’m so glad you had someone willing to help you out. It DOES restore one’s belief in good, after all the bad things you hear, to have something like this happen. I hope you feel better soon!

:hug: I hope you feel better soon, so glad someone helped you!

So glad someone came to your rescue. Things like that certainly do restore our faith in people. Asthma can be a very scary thing. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

Thanks for sharing this! It certainly does make me feel better to hear about kindness to strangers.

That is really nice. :hug:

What a kind gesture! And, I hope you’re feeling better soon :hug:

Those things really do restore one’s faith in humanity. Glad to hear you got home safely and hope you are feeling better soon.:muah:

Great story, and I hope you’re feeling better now. There are loads of good people in the world, it’s just that sometimes we forget to notice them.

I still believe there are more good, than bad people out there. The bad gets the most attention (sadly).
I hope you are feeling better. Its a nice reminder that even a small gesture can make a difference to someone.

Aww, what a great story. I hope you get better soon. :hug:

Hope you’re feeling better today :hug: