Therapeutic Knitting

Many people find knitting as therapeutic.

In what manner does knitting feel therapeutic to you?

Pretty much in the same way that any hobby would be. It’s relaxing and gives me something to focus on besides the normal cares and worries of the day.

It helps me take my focus off of what’s going on around me. It’s a nice change of pace and provides the mental stimulation that I crave (and it takes up less space than puzzles!)

Knitting is my thinking time. To anyone who sees me knit (with the tip of my tongue sticking out and a determined look on my face, lol), they think I’m focusing completely on my knitting…but my mind is usually miles and miles away. :slight_smile:

Knitting Guy - Thanks for your response. Yes, it is very relaxing. I’m just beginning to try to allow enough time in the morning before work to “get in a few rows” before my 1 1/4 hour commute to work.!

Auburnchick - funny you should mention the space issue - I was just commenting to a friend about how knitting actually takes up less space than some of my other hobbies because usually whatever I have knitted is given away. ! :slight_smile:

I was reflecting last night as to what it actually was about the act of knitting that soothed me and came up with several answers:

The repetitiveness - induces a meditative state

The natural feel of the bamboo needles in my hand (I have switched from metal)

The soft touch of the yarn against my fingers

The fact that within just a few rows I can actually see the item being made!

Feminine Earth

When you knit - do you listen to music as well? (loved the visual re: your face :))

oops - double post!

I denfititely like to knit for the relaxation/repetition of it. When trying anything that requires close attention to detail I start it in the morning and usually don’t pick it up until the weekend. I like brainless knitting when I get home at night.

Kathy in Cali

I too like brainless knitting in the evening. Good idea beginning a more thought provoking project early in the day (for me too).

I find that knitting helps me let go of stress I wasn’t aware I was carrying.

I’ve worked really hard at being a loose knitter, and making my hands and wrists relax so I can do that properly naturally gets the rest of me to relax as well.

Also, this summer I started a baby blanket when DB & SIL announced they were pregnant. When they lost their baby several weeks later, I kept knitting the blanket, turning it into a memorial. It was a simple pattern that let my mind kind of drift as I worked. It helped me to let go of my grief and switch to healing and comfort. I gave it to them when it was done, and they were both so touched. It was wonderful therapy for all of us.

Elsebeth Lavold, the Swedish knitting designer (Viking Knits) quoted a study that states: during the process of knitting, your brain, unbeknownst to you, is reorganzing the clutter that is created in your brain on a daily basis! Huh? Well, it is…an illustration is needed:

[color=blue]You have been feverishly cookin’ in the kitchen all day long. You have made a mess of things…everything is everywhere. So, while you sit down to knit…someone comes into your kitchen and puts everything neatly back into place![/color]

It is the act of knitting itself that is the trigger for the housekeeper to come in! So next time you are knitting, and hubby asks, what are you doing honey? You can truthfully say: “Cleaning house honey!” :eyebrow:

AnreeAce - what a touching story. :hug:

ArtLady1981 - FUN! I think I’ll have the “housekeeper” tend to my dust bunnies. :wink:

Knitting makes me think about what I’m doing and not what is going on in the rest of the world. I can look at some of my projects and know exactly what I was trying to “escape” from when I made them. So in other words, my knitting is sort of a story of my life. Does that make me sound crazy??? :??

jjminarcik - crazy ? NO not at all. What a refreshing approach to your knitting projects.

No, No. If you name your dust bunnies they become pets and there’s then no compulsion to get rid of them!!

I like the way you can get “in the zone” when you’re knitting. You sit down at 4:00 and the next thing you know the clock is striking 8:00.

I also like the sense of accomplishment at finishing something, even if it’s a very small project. That rush when you bind off the last stitch is amazing!

I’d probably think of it as wasted time if it didn’t have a very beneficial therapeutic affect on me, and yarn and needles are way cheaper than a therapist. Plus, most therapists aren’t fuzzy and don’t come in such pretty colors.


Love your reply!

I like knitting b/c I can sit with a group of friends to knit, talk, have coffee, forget about the laundry and the dirty kitchen floor. I like sewing too, but it is kinda hard to take your sewing machine and sewing basket everywhere with you.

My mother has crocheted afghans for as long as I can remember. Whenever my father complains about stopping to buy more yarn she reminds him that yarn is far cheaper than a therapist and she sells most of her stuff or gives them away as wedding and baby gifts so it really pays for itself.

Knitting is soothing. I like figuring out how to do something new and then mastering it. At the same time I like the mindless knitting too and it is restful.

But I particularly like it that my knitting doesn’t argue with me. It does what I “tell” it and if it doesn’t I can just rip it out! I also enjoy the discovering that I can make something pretty or cute looking. I don’t think of myself as “crafty” and here I am doing a crafty thing.

I also like having it to look forward to doing later when I’m busy working.

I love the thrill of watching something useful, beautiful, and unique emerge from my needles, especially when I designed it. I agree with PP that it definately relieves stress! My mind feels more organized after I knit… I guess it’s from the “housekeeper” :happydance: I enjoy learning new skills. Right now I’m in the middle of moving and my yarn is packed. :-x I have such an urge to knit! I need my “Therapist” :rofl:
Awesome question!