Theme Scarf?

Anybody here ever knit the Theme Scarf from the book Jane Austen Knits? I’m trying to right now, but I’m curious what it’s supposed to look like when it’s finished because I don’t understand with the directions how it’s going to end up ruffled. Any info on how this scarf turned out for you?

Sometimes you begin with the ruffle by casting on a large number of sts, knitting several rows, and then decreasing rapidly over one or two rows to form the ruffle. Other patterns work it in the opposite direction from the body of the scarf by increasing rapidly over one or two rows, knitting a few rows and binding off.
I haven’t see this book but it sounds like great fun. Post a picture of the finished scarf please!

I thought you might could find a picture of a finished scarf on (free to join); however, I’ve looked through all the patterns in the book but did not see one by the name of “Theme Scarf.” Is this the actual name of the pattern?

I see a ruffled scarf from the book called “Variation Scarf,” and it looks like 15 projects are in the works or finished (

The scarf on the cover of the magazine is the Theme Scarf.

I figured it out. It wasn’t looking quite right because I wasn’t using lace weight yarn, I was using what I considered to be very thin worsted weight yarn, which was still bulkier, and I guess the ruffles wouldn’t show up because of that. So now I’m gonna find me some adorable lace weight yarn and knit that scarf. Any brand or company suggestions?

You could still make it with the heavier yarn, just use a way bigger needle. Of course you’ll have to cut down on the sts you use.

What do you mean, suzeeq? I used the needle size the yarn package recommended but what is this about cutting down on stitches?

If you use heavier yarn and larger needles with the same number of stitches suggested in the pattern the scarf will be much larger. When you use a different weight yarn and needle size you have to adjust the stitch count, too.