The yarns by Herrschners and Joann?

Has anyone ever used the yarns that are made by Herrschners and Joann? Are there any ones that you’d recommend? Looking through the websites and the catalog they look really nice, but it’s hard to tell when you can’t touch it.

Is that one brand or two seperate?

they each have their own brand that they sell. I don’t know much about herschnerrs cuz i have never ordered from them but the stuff i have seen in Joann’s seems to be mostly novelty and while it is quite soft, i can only handle so much of that. when i order stuff off their website it is mostly scissors (i love gingher!) and things like that (the government is going to start thinking i am stockpiling them as a means for arming my cult soon…anybody wanna be one of my followers? i have manos and malabrigo in my compound!)

I thought that these were seperate brands…but needed to ask before I go sticking my two cents in on this one.

I have used Joann brand yarn for a scarf in the Dolcetto pink. It is extremely soft and easy to work with, but I have not washed it so can’t tell you how it holds up there. I used plastic needles to knit the Dolcetto with and found it slid nicely but not slippery. I also have some of the Cosetta yarn which is a wool blend. I plan to use that for a unique baby blanket (for no baby in particular).

I don’t think that I could make a large project out of any of Joann yarns since they seem so novelty.

I made a scarf out of Sensations Angel Hair form Joanns. It would go on sale occassionally and I get there coupons in my e-mail so I got enough for a long scarf. MMMMMmmmmm yummy!

the angel hair seems soooo soft, but i worry about it would hold up in the wash. Plus the little swatch they had displayed in the store looked pretty mangy. :thinking:

I’m using Joann’s Tesoro right now to do the Chunky Cable Purse on Knitpicks. It’s 100% wool and VERY soft. I’m a little sad it’s going on the purse, but I only bought three skeins in this dye lot, so I’ll probably go back for more and maybe do a baby sweater, since it is so soft and warm feeling. I’m really loving this yarn so far! Since it’s a bag though, I don’t see me needing to wash it that often, so I won’t really have any idea how it hold’s up.
Did I say that it’s extremely soft?! :smiley:

So…? Is it soft? :wink:

I do have a few skeins of Joann yarn, but they have so much more online than they do in my local store. I might try making a friend one of those fuzzy furry scarves with their brand.

Thought I would share a picture of how the Dolcetto by Joann knits up:


I used some of whatever Joann’s plain wool was. I don’t remember what it was called, but I got the plied kind and loved it and my roommate got the fluffier one and loved it (gee, I’m descriptive!). Neither of us tried the novelty yarns, though.