The Yarn Mother-lode, NYC stores story and pics

So I went to NYC over the spring break and saw the Harlot speak. I met with knitters and had dinner with some of them. There are some pics on a Flickr group:

I visited a couple of friends and several yarn stores and had a good time in general. But I was a little disappointed in the yarn stores, actually. They were more expensive for the same products, not just compared to online stores, but compared to my local brick and mortar store (shout out to Loopy Yarns - I love you, Loopy!).

Anyway, I visited Habu, Knitty City, School Products, and Knit-a-Way and bought nothing from them. I was a little disappointed. I did buy stuff from Seaport Yarns, which is a crazy fun place. Pics 4 and 7 are from there. I’ll blog about it more a little later.

But I was a little disappointed cuz I was expecting to come home with tons of yarn from my yarn field trip. I told my friend who I was staying with about it, then thought I remembered the biggest yarn store ever, WEBS, as not being far away. I looked it up, but saw it was in MA. But he said, that’s not that far, let’s drive. And so we did! And that was where I hit the yarn mother-load. The showroom itself was bigger than any other yarn store I’ve been in, but behind the showroom is the warehouse. A warehouse. Of yarn. A warehouse of yarn. And I was like :thud: :woot: :zombie: :eyes: :noway: :woohoo: It was actually a little obscene.
I think I showed quite a bit of restraint, esp considering I was being partially sponsored. :slight_smile: All the other yarn p0rn pics are from there, except the Touch Me, which is from Little Knits.

Sari Ribbon and Valley Yarns Colrain (merino/tencel)

RYC Soft Lux

Rowan Chunky Print

Blue Heron Rayon Metallic “Water Hyacinth Copper” and Colinette Jitterbug in Marble

Misti Alpaca Hand Dyed

Muench Touch Me

Punta Del Este Mericash (no microfiber, this yarn is crazy soft), Louet Gems Pearl and Aussie Wool worsted.


Lovely - just lovely! It looks like you had a great spring break, despite some of the bad yarn stores, but that trip to Web’s made up for it! I must make it there some day!

Great haul! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:nails: I can’t see the pics. It’s crazy the words they decide to filter out or urls here at work…


Can you see them now? I made a slight name change from ‘o’ to ‘0’.

That is some gorgeous yarn! :heart:

Oh, pretty. I especially :heart: that purplely Blue Heron yarn in the middle pix. :drool: Yummy!

One of the things I miss about living on the east coast is getting to do fun stuff like this. Used to go to NYC all the time. What greeat pics of the Harlot and NBC and your friends. I love how you’ve got shots of the audience and everyone’s head is down cuz they’re knitting!! :roflhard:

ooh what a fun trip you had. That makes me miss NYC too! :verysad: I chuckled when you said your friend said MA wasn’t that far away. Until people really make that drive they don’t realize how close those states really are together! My friends and I used to go for long drives exploring CT, MA, and NY all the time when I lived out there. As much as we dug site seeing I think our favorite trips were when we got into the car and just drove! color me jealous! :slight_smile:

that one ribbon yarn looks like liquid gold in the pic! The lady at my LYS and i were talking about that misti alpaca and we decided it reminded us of the plaid of catholic school girl uniforms. :heart:

AWESOME!!! Thanks! How pretty… :drool: The Misti Alpaca is beautiful!

what a nice haul!~~ :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Oh my goodness! It’s all so pretty! :heart: