The Yarn Harlots New Book

I bought it today… and from what I’ve read so far, it’s FANTASTIC!!!


Just had to share :smiley:

Which book? Her new one isn’t due to be out till March of 07…according to Amazon that is…

hehe… new here…

Knitting Rules!


:nails: and here I thought you had snagged a somehow unprinted yet copy of her book…grrrrrr, lol

I love her books… They do keep me in “stitches” yes I know that was bad, lol

We might have to pay for our own pap smears and mammograms…but we get the Yarn Harlot books months ahead of Australia… :teehee:

What is the NAME of her newest book? I’ll be sure and buy it when its for sale in the States. I can wait! :happydance:

Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off… Its due out in March 30th I think…I love her blog…