The wrath of a kitty

So I’ve been knitting almost 2 years. My cats have almost always left my yarn alone. There was one time when I first started and I bought my first ball of alpaca that it got messed with, but after that, nothing.

My cat usually sleeps on the bed with us, but the other night, I decided to lock him out of the bedroom so he wasn’t bothering me. Our daughter has been sleeping with us and the bed is crowded as it is.

The next morning I woke up to toys all over the place and 3 balls of yarn dragged out. Do you think he messed with the crappy acrylic that I had 2 skeins of on the living room floor and one on the laundry room desk? Nope. He gets on a shelf and digs into a bag to pull out a ball of Malabrigo and 2 balls of Baby Twist, one of which he tears out all over the place.

So does anyone have any tips for repairing this…

Pick it out bit by bit and wind it up again.

Or, if you don’t want to ‘bother’ with it, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands! :happydance: :wink:

That is sad. But at least you’ve got a cat with good taste.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I am sorry to be laughing but you can just imagine all the fun your little kitty had while you were fast asleep…and he is saying “Thats for locking me out of the bedroom” Hope you manage to salvage your yarn x

I guess someone was a little unhappy to be shut out of the bedroom. Hope you manage to salvage the yarn.

Patience, a lot of patience.

Your kitty thought, I am certain, don’t get mad, get even!! I hope you can salvage the yarn…

start with a glass of wine, or other such beverage. Take it easy, slow, and do not get in a hurry.

Remember, Put the “good” yarn where kitty’s can’t get to them. I speak with experience. I love my kitty, but she does have a temper at times if i ignore her.

Good luck, and remember take it slow!

:roflhard: It looks like they showed you. The only advice I can give you is to relax with a movie, or some music, and just untangle it little by little. It’s actually relaxing when there aren’t any interruptions.

I’m sorry to say my puppy has done this to me on more than 3 occassions - turns out she can open bedroom doors !! Anyway - the last was a 500yrd skein of wonderful sock yarn. Put it in a ziploc bag and very slowly pick it apart and wind it into a ball. My patience is pretty low for such things so mine took me a few days.

Not sure if this is any consolation or not, but here goes…

Although I don’t keep my yarn out at all (my cats get into literally EVERYTHING), I was looking for something special to make with a lovely skein of Patons wool I had - and I found a purse pattern I’d been wanting to make, so I combined that wool with two skeins of variegated mohair I found at Tuesday Morning. These two skeins had no ball band and they were the only ones in the store, but for the price I paid for them (under $2.50 each), I was thrilled.

Well, I got three-quarters of the way done with the purse (which I am knitting for my college roommate who is a dear friend) when I looked down…and saw that the wool and both mohair balls were completely entangled. I still don’t understand how it happened since I was trying to keep them separate and trying to keep kitty participation down in this yarn-fest…but suffice it to say, it took me THREE hours of handpicking it all apart to get it all fixed.

Those who know me know I am not the most patient person ever, so I wondered if this was an exercise in patience or if my determination to finish this project for a gift won out. Either way, it had a happy ending…I am blocking the purse overnight and finishing it up tomorrow to be sent out! :slight_smile:

So keep smiling… :muah:


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im just repeating what you said rosefields, sorry! i would want to MMMM if you dont want it…

The cat having good taste is small comfort when my soft, lovely yarn is a big wad of mess. He’s sooo lucky I love him. :teehee:

Thanks for all the tips. I haven’t even started on it yet though. Just stuffed it in a closet until I feel that I have enough patience to attempt to fix it.

Here’s a pic of the rotten little fiend that did it.

Luckily I haven’t had any kittyhelp, but I’ve managed to make a mess myself. It took me about 4 hours to rewind the hank. I completely agree with the recommendation to get a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable in front of a movie and take it slow. When you start to get frustrated, put it aside in a safe place, get another drink and leave it until you can calm down a bit.

Aah! That innocent looking pretty cat couldn’t have done all that.:roflhard: What beautiful green eyes. The silver coat shows them off wonderfully.

beautiful kitty… but very onery… cats can be deceivious… sorry… huggs.

He’s saying “Who me???”