The world`s easiest mittens!!


Decreasing to finish end of mitten sys: Round1:[K1,SSK,K to 3 sts before marker,K2 tog,K1] twice[ 4 sts. dec]

If there are only 3 sts before the marker how am I able to K2 tog,K1…TWICE?


You have two markers separating the two halves (front and back side of the mittens).
When you get to the first marker, you knit one, then you do SSK, then you knit until three stitches before the second marker. There you K2Tog and one stitch will remain before the marker. Knit that one. Then repeat the whole process on the other side of the marker (K1, SSK, K*, K2Tog, K1).


DID NOT REALIZE I HAD TWO MARKERS’ I have just one (after the 3 sts) Perhaps I`d better re-read the pattern to see where I missed placing a marker. Thanks for the help and the prompt reply…Mairmie