The word is "out"..I'm a knitter..sooo

Hi everyone…Well all of my nephews and nieces are making special “knit items” requests:happydance: In search of a “cool” Rasta style hat…can’t seem to locate “knit ones” I am only finding “crochet”…any help out there???:hug:

Here are two for you to consider:,2025,DIY_14141_5312018,00.html

Good luck! :knitting:

I made the diy hat for my sister’s boyfriend. He had requested a rasta hat. funny how when someone finds out you knit don’t they always want a rasta hat?

here is what mine looked like

Nobody has asked me for a rasta hat. I feel so left out. I do have a request for a cashmere scarf. This is one time when I’m going to be completely selfish. I’ll make myself a cashmere scarf first!

Wow…that is really “cool”, now I need to research and find colors and some kinda summery yarn, Then I’ll be all set…Thanks:hug:

Oh, I’m sorry:thumbsup: but I made this scarf with 100%wool (another request) and it turned out awesome!!!

Nice! Thank you!

here is what mine looked like

Love the hat!!! Nice job!!!

I just wanted to give you a better picture since the DIY one is sooo teeny. but it was a fun knit and pretty easy too.