The Wool Peddler

Hi all -:waving:
Has anyone ordered from this site?

They have some nice looking things at what look like reasonable prices, and I would love to try some! but I always hestitate with new places. :shrug: Quality? Service? Shipping speed? Ideas anyone?

Oh, btw - how to I get the small link icon rather than the whole link website when I attach links???

Thanks so much!

i don’t have any experience with them, but their alpaca yarns sure are tempting.

Small link icon? You mean like this?
The Wool Peddler

Just type in the text you want, highlight it then click the link icon that looks like “earth with links” and put the url in there. It happens automatically.

I haven’t seen that site before so I can’t help, sorry. :shrug:

thanks Jan -

testing …

Hi There!

I have ordered some of her Recycled Silk and I have to say that I think it is some of the best quality out there. Stephanie is really nice and ships fast too!! She has several of her patterns published in Knitty, so she knows knitting and yarn. A definite bonus IMHO…


must not click on link, must not click on link, broke can’t afford to buy yarn this week, REALLY :rofling:

:poke: But clb … it’s all soo affordably priced … and sooo pretty …

And if I do it, and shouldn’t, then others should join me …:wink:

Oh, thank you Orchid! I can order with much more confidence now!

threesmom-- you are an enabler…lol welcome to the club!:hug:

Oooo, such pretty yarn! I’ve never used recycled silk before, what’s it like?

I’m thinking I’m about to find out! :teehee: I saw it, and touched it, once at a Stitches, but didn’t really know what it was at the time. I think I remember it being silky, but sort of nubby? The colors win me over, and I like that it used to be something else. But I don’t know how it feels being knit - I’d sort of like to know too.