The WIP that won't go away, so I can do this other WIP

My daughter chose the yarn and the pattern for this one. I’m not really a huge fan I must say, but I’ve come this far… must finish.

See all those ends I’m going to have to tie in? Anyone know any magic tricks to do this quickly?
I have one sleeve to do and getting in a bit of a tangle trying to avoid all those ends!

I am not allowed to do any more on my bamboo top til it is finished! I couldn’t resist starting it though…

that looks really great! :heart:

What I do when I’m knitting stripes (it must be an even amount of stripes, otherwise it won’t work) is taking the yarn I don’t use up while knitting. So I get my working yarn under the strands I’m not using and after that go on knitting (2 rows, till you’re back at where the yarn is you’re not using) and than get your working yarn under the yarn you aren’t using again. This’ll prevent loops, but you have to untangle the colors sometimes. For me, that’s just worth it, because I absolutely hate weaving in all thos ends.

Well, the top for your daughter is gorgeous and the colors are beautiful. I totally understand why you don’t want to complete it, especially with that other WIP taunting you… but I think you will be very happy with the FO once you do finish it!!!

Thanks for the tips, I think I will persevere with the tangling thing, even though some of the stripes are a bit far from each other. :pout:

it’s going to be so lovely!! I love the colors!!!
I often weave in ends as i’m knitting so that I won’t have to do them all after i finish.

That is such a good idea!!

Pity it’s a bit late for the back, front, and one sleeve!! :pout:

I just sit in front of the TV and weave in the ends. :teehee: Next time steer her to a seamless pattern, too. :wink: