The Winter Knitty

The Winter bis Knitty is up. See anything you like?

See anything you like?

Actually, I didn’t. Then velvet cardi had possiblilities, but it’s knit in pieces. While I could modifiy it, I could just as easily make my own pattern.

Love the Skye Isle cardigan! I see that in my future. Thanks for the reminder. I’m always late getting to Knitty and for no good reason.

Nope, not this time.

I can see myself making the Alata and the Firelight Vest.

Thanks for bringing us up-to-date on the new Winter Knitty! :woohoo:

[B]YES![/B] I found a couple patterns I love!

  1. It’s a little boy hoodie! Called IDAHO! Very adorable, and I think I should knit it for my new great-grandson, Baby J!

  2. I also like the ALYN, a men’s pullover! It has very subtle cable work on the front only, and I really like that! I might do something different for the zippered closure on the front of the neck, but that’s an easy modification.

  3. Love the simplicity of the SPORTO hooded pullover for women!
    Nice shaping detail on the back of it. I also like the back of the hood. Very nice little hoodie! Sometimes, less is more!

  4. The FIRELIGHTwomen’s cabled vest is stunning! Ever so subtle, not too busy. I adore her use of cables laid onto nice expanses of rev st st. Really well done!

And to think…these patterns are free! :happydance:

I’ve bookmarked all 4 designs!

Thanks again for reminding us about the wonder of KNITTY!

Well, I think I figured out how to adapt Ocean Spray to a semicircle… and do the border different. But the idea of the eyelets is still in there!

Oooh! I like Sleepless!

You’re right! It’s really cute! Really nice cabling!