The Wicked Sweater

from the world of extreme knitting and design (I guess):noway::

I think it’s beyond wicked, it’s like…EVIL! :teehee: Why would anyone knit that?!?
But then I scrolled down to the next image, which, makes the wicked sweater seem almost NORMAL?!?



i think my will to knit just got sucked out by that



there is something about where art meets knitting that I just cant get into…I am not sure what it is…

Some stuff is cute…(knitted cupcakes, home decor type stuff) but when you get into the actual “art” stuff…it is just plain…uggo…

I appreciate the time and effort that went into it…and the creative process…but…well…you wouldn’t find me in too many art galleries either…so…I guess it works out…

:think: Interesting, very interesting!!!

:?? :???: :eyes: :shock: :chair: :roflhard: :passedout:

:eyebrow2: Betcha that sucker’s not figure flattering…

You know it doesn’t help that the model looks like demon spawn. It’s a good thing there’s no place for her to hide that big knife she probably carries around with her. :zombie:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :yay:

:rofl: Actually, I liked one of the comments, that said something like, “If I had to model those things, I’d look daggers at the photographer, too!”