The wedding and stash additions... (imageless gushing)

Hi all, just had to gush a bit. I am sooo excited. I recently returned from my trip to Ohio to attend Dij’s wedding. Oh it was so sweet! I LOVE her new husband and her daughters are beyond gorgeous! It was so good seeing them all!

On Sunday everyone who had come to attend the wedding had left so Monday, her husband was at work, the girls were at school and I got to spend time with my best friend for the first time in 13 years!!! Of course she went quite willingly with me to Lambikins Hideaway in Hamilton, OH. Such a good sport!!! She was a bit awed by all the different yarn and kept asking me, “But what can do DO with it?” :?? .

I quickly located the “Wall of Malabrigo” and :hug: it. I chose 2 hanks of Emerald Blue which I have been drooling over for months on the Malabrigo Yarn color card. While I was looking at other items, Dij covertly purchased the Malabrigo for me.

I was so touched that my friend who has never knit in her life would be so supportive of my addiction.

I picked some Misty Alpaca Lace in 8105 which is soft shade of powder blue. Then on their clearance rack I found some Cascade 220 in brown heather and Premiere by Classic Elite in the lovely Celedon color.

While I drooled over the patterns they were kind enough to wind my hanks for me. Of course that took just long enough for me to find the Fiber Trends Clog pattern. :cheering:

Needless to say, I left Lambikins Hideaway a happy happy girl. :happydance:

So now that I am home, I had the difficulty of designating these lovely yarns to patterns. I decided to do Fetching with the Malabrigo and after seeing how little yarn it took, I decided to also do the Irish Hiking Scarf as well. That should make a nice set. Perhaps I’ll even have enough to do a head band/ear warmer thing. :woohoo:

Since my return home I ran over to the closest LYS Knit Happens (40 minutes away darn it) and found some GGH Mystik I could not live without. The more I think of it, the more I am sure it will be a made into a gift for Dij. Perhaps Branching Out…

Anyway, I am home. I am knitting. I am happy. Pics to follow as soon as possible!!!

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I :heart: Emerald Blue – one of my favorite Mmmmm colorways!!

So happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time :cheering:

How wonderful I can see why you were a happy girl :cheering:

How wonderful they wound your hanks for you :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

Oh yes, I am a happy girl. And my kitties were happy to see me when I got home so I have been getting lots of furry love…

Glad to hear the cats are pleased to see you. Mine sometimes ignore me if I have been away get right snotty.

Kisses to the kitties xxxx

:hug: Sharon

Sounds like a great trip. What a neat gift! Malabrigo is on my list of must try yarns.

Mama Bear

is dij a name or an acronym that I just don’t get? :??

Regardless, I’m glad you had a great time and got some great yarn! I love fetching!

No kindness about it, they knew what would happen if you stayed longer, that was just plain sneaky… :wink: :teehee:

Dij is my nickname for my best friend Dawn. When we were in high school she used to go by D. J. and of course that somehow morphed to Dij. I used to tease her that it was short for Dijon because she was blonde and spicy. :slight_smile: She is an awesome person.

And I was already on my way to the patterns when they offered to wind my yarn so… but still, what a clever scheme!!