The Wayback Machine

Hello again everyone!!!

Now that I’ve been searching for missing patterns, I’ve heard about The Wayback Machine. But I don’t know how to find it OR how to search for something once I get there!!

Any ideas??
I think you can just look up stuff and see if anything to do with it has been archived, then possibly click on the pages shown? I’ve already been able to look a few things up!

You can’t find everything on it. Only things that they happen to have a snapshot of. Just put your link into the URL bar and it will show you any snapshots available. Click one of the dates and it will pull up an image of what the website looked like on that date.

It works best with large websites. Smaller websites don’t get captured as often. And if the page you’re looking for is a members-only page on a website, for instance a Ravelry pattern page, it won’t be able to pull it up.

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