The very basic sock

I remember oooohing over Lion Brand’s magic stripes and dream of one day knitting socks. I bought it so should I ever dare to knit a sock, I’d have it ready. Well, I met other sock yarns and long forgot the LB sock yarn. So, in an effort to de-stash I decided to knit a basic sock with it. Basic and very much under appreciated.

Sorry LB sock yarn, I do still love you. I apologize that you were not meant to be my first sock. Nor will you be my last. All those other socks I knitted before you, they meant nothing…really… :—


Cute sock! Love the stripes!

Basic socks can be like comfort food, simple yet satisfying! :rofl: Looks great!

Very nice sock! And, it doesn’t look like the jealous type, so I think you’re good! :rofl:

:cheering: Good looking sock, WTG :cheering: