The verdict is in--dpns vs. two circulars!

Okay, I was knitting this hat for my FIL and headed off for the day without sticking my extra US 7 circular in my bag…so when I got to the decreases, there I was without being able to use my favorite method of two circs for small diameter knitting.

However, for whatever reason, I always have some dpns in my little “tool kit.” So, I pulled those out and finished the hat the “old fashioned way.”

It’s been a year or so since I really did anything on dpns, and I was quite pleased to see that my skill and understanding had improved enough that there aren’t those nasty ladders in the hat–it turned out great.

But honestly…I’m sticking with two circulars–much less fiddly and more pleasant for me. Still, it’s nice to be able to do both 'cause you never know when you might need to!

ooh, this would make a good poll…

Exactly! :thumbsup:

The thought of 4 or 5 needles (with no stops at the ends) terrified me:chair: but after “some” practice (and patience) I actually love em…I really think working in the round with dpn’s creates of really nice rib, stockinette and finished product…Trick is: [B]START WITH LARGE NEEDLES AND BULKY YARN,[/B] then move on to smaller stuff…on the “joins” I always “pull” the second stitch tight!!!On ribbing, I always end a row as p start the next row k…:hug:

DPN used to scare me too, but now I find them so relaxing to knit with! I just love it!

I am with you all the way! I definitely prefer 2 circs, too.

I started out using dpn’s, like a good girl. Then switched to using two circulars. Now, I’m using magic loop, and love love love it. It’s SO much easier, and there isn’t any switching from a circular to dpn’s, or anything like that.

We ought to get Mason using it, think of the looks he’d get then. :teehee:

i JUST LOVE my d.p.n’s but I know i should learn how to do magic loop. It looks like so much fun!:yay:

I have only used DPN’s and I just love using them, but I haven’t tried anything else yet. I will admit,it took me a while to get the hang of the DPN’s.

I love DPNs and have not found the need to change. Maybe one day I will run into a pattern that will make me want to got to 2 circs or Magic Loop. Who knows.:knitting:

I love using dpns in public – it impresses people LOL.
I’ve never used two circs or magic loop. Are they the same technique?

I’m not familiar with Magic Loop and I’m new anyway. I’ve only knitted socks along with a video with two circulars but it seems like they would be easier to handle than DPNs. I’m open, though, and will try them when I finish the bags on my needles.

I liked the idea of knowing the “basics” when I first began knitting socks, so I learned to use DPNs, and I still enjoy using them – makes me feel like a real knitting master, especially when my DH is watching me with a bemused look on his face. :teehee:

But since I learned the 2 circs method that’s become my weapon of first choice. I definitely agree it’s good to know more than one way to do things, and one of these days I’ll take another look at magic loop.

I agree. I’m a DPN gal myself, love the "fiddliness’ of it.:teehee:

I’m a dpn girl myself. Mainly I think because I hadn’t purchased any new supplies in 30 years and all I had for finer knitting was dpn’s, all my circulars were larger sizes more suited to sweaters.

dpns all the way!

I’ve thought that this needed a poll ever since I started (started with hats and DPNs) and liked the DPNs.

I like the clinking and clanking of the metal DPNs.

My first use of dpns was with size twos on my first pair of socks… it was love from the very beginning! (Okay, maybe not the BEGINNING, but certainly by the second row… lol)

Mmm, they’re the best. But I will use magic loop (grudgingly) for hats.

I use dpns and love using them especially my knit picks. have not tried magic loop or 2 circulars. Have looked at the video of the magic loop and think I will probably start with the 2 circulars when I tackle a toe up sock

I too enjoy my dpn’s I have tried the two circulars and I just can’t get the hang of it.
I two love to knit in public with them, the last time it was at the hospital when my husbands doctor came in to explain his surgery and he looks at me and says, I knit too. Well that floored me just for a minute and said great what do you knit. He flushed and said not anything like what I was doing, just garter stitch. His wife was teaching him. I told him that knitting socks on the dpn’s were not hard. I told him not to give up and he two could some day knit socks. By now my poor dh was just looking at us. He says to the doctor that he loved my socks and that he wears them all the time . Just love that man:heart: So that is why I love my dpns. I like the circ’s for hats and shawls.