The usual Gauge problems

I’m a little rusty and I need help getting my skills back together(4mnths). I would like to knit a hat and adjust the pattern to my gauge to properly fit my dome.

The pattern gauge says : 24 stitches and 28 rows. Also the entire pattern is a multiple of 4, CO 102 (110, 122)

my Gauge is: 6sts/inch, my dome is 21" which means I cast on 126

I did my calculations since it is a multiple of 4 but im left with a remainder --> 126/4= 31.5

I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out. Thank you.

Something to consider:

set-up rounds

cast on 102 (110, 122) sts

knit 7 rounds, then change to bigger needles and work 2 more rounds.
next round: m1 every 10 (11, 12) sts; 10 sts decreased: 112 (120, 132) sts

So if I cast on 126, im going to be wearing a hammock by the time im done increasing.

Actually you want to cast on less stitches than your head measures. So the 122 sts should work for you. And you’re actually increasing.

You want the band to measure about an inch or 2 less than your head measures, so you could CO about 120 sts and don’t increase, just use the middle number of 120 when you switch to the larger needle.

Yes, 126sts plus the increase of 10sts is going to be a bit big. You could just follow the directions for the middle size and be ok. Usually you want to make the hat about an inch or two smaller than your head measures.

2" smaller because it might stretch? hmm… never thought about that

It will stretch. But it depends on what you like and the style of the hat you’re knitting. Try on a hat that you like, see how it fits and measure its width. Or if you want the hat loose, then knit to your head size but if you want it a little snugger on your head, then decrease an inch or two.

If you knit a hat to your head measurement it’ll be too big, and hats always stretch. They’re supposed to be smaller than your head, somewhere between one and two inches, depending on the stitch used at the cuff/brim.

You’ll see some designers and websites tell you to measure the circumference of your head times your gauge per inch for a cast on number. Technically, that’s correct. But you’re not going to be happy with the fit. When I did mine that way, the hat was rotating all around my head. I had to keep pulling it down. It wouldn’t stay in place. And when you knit a hat, eventually it’s going to stretch out a little anyway. Which would mean your big hat would be even bigger. See where I’m going with this? Make it an inch and a half to two inches smaller and it will fit better. Hey, if it doesn’t work what’s the worst that could happen? You’d frog it and do it all over again. Not a big deal.

Btw, I like your avatar. Is that you? It reminds me of Woopie Goldberg.