The Ultimate Picture of Laziness

This is Pele (named for the soccer star). He’s my daughter’s dog. He’s about 70 lbs, and this is his typical position. What a great life, eh?


That’s so cute !!

And he’s been in this position for at least an hour. Must be comfy, eh? :teehee:

So he moved…only to turn over…



I love it… can I apply for that job?


Hehe, aww! Such a tough life our animal family members have, isn’t it?

So, where do you all get to sit?

Well, I was actually sitting on a stool, with my laptop on one of our end tables…positioned in front of the couch (I took the picture with the camera on my laptop). My son sat on the other couch. Yep…two couches…only one usable by humans, though. :teehee:

:roflhard: That’s funny!

My goodness doggie, what big teeth you have??? NOT!

That big marshmallow looks like the most he ever bites is a nice juicy chew bone.

Are his eyes brown? He is a cutie.

One piece of advice? Get another couch for those pesky human things that keep cluttering up HIS livingroom LOL.


Great pics :thumbsup:

ah to be a dog

Yep…Pele is just one big teddy bear. We often crawl on the couch with him when he’s like that and just hug him. :heart:

He usually sleeps on our other couch, which is regular-sized. He was sleeping on the love seat last night…which is not near big enough for him and a regular person.

AWWWW so sweet :slight_smile:

Hey man, life is rough–give a dog a break! Think about his stressful day: hand fed yummy meals and treats, extended sessions of playful romping, naps, maybe a few strenuous dreams of chasing squirrels and bunnies. Boy, I’m exhausted just thinking about it! :teehee:

Does he snore? I love it when dogs snore. Cooper zonks out and snores, then he lets loose this biiiiiiiig sighs while he readjusts himself. Like–wow, the couch had the audacity to grow a lump and now he must reposition himself. :rofl:

:teehee: to cute!!!

:roflhard: Cute! He’s a beautiful dog.

side note, my cat snores. And he moans and chirps, sighs and twitches but only if he’s sleeping on my lap.

Aww so cute!

I’m calling the humane society right now. This puppy is obviously in distress, this is why he had to change position. Let’s free Pele and get him a bigger couch! :teehee:

Oh sometimes I wished I was a dog in a family like yours! :lol: