The Trouble is Bobbles

I’m havin’ a real tough time trying to follow how to make bobbles. I consider myself an intermediate knitter (lots of great stuff under my belt), but when I try to work them according to the directions, they just come out looking like I just wound a bunch of times on the needle. Is there a way to make them? (to save my sanity)
I have my’s “Knitting Help” CD but still have havin’ a bit ‘o’ dickens with those bobble-puppies. And I love sweaters and scarves with bobbles.

Can someone please help? Thanks in Advance!! :muah:

Usually a bobble has you knit several stitches into one stitch. . or I should say, k,p,k,p,k or k,yo,k,yo,k into one stitch, turn the work, purl them, turn and knit them, and then turn and work them all as one.

Is it possible that you’re not knitting all into one stitch?

I am doing that but not sure if I am doin’ it correctly!! I have watched the video that Amy filmed over and over but the yarn just seems so tight and looks like I just did a bunch of YOs.

When you do that (what you posted back to me), is it normal for the yarn to be so tight on the needles? I turned it and tried to p but it is too difficult to try to get the needle in there… woof … I’m frustrated.

I appreciate your note back.

Since all the stitches are in one stitch (which you don’t slide off until you’re done, btw) they will be tight.

However, it is enormously difficult to purl all those stitches together, but there is a way to do it differently with the same result.

Slip all but the final bobble stitches to the right needle, purl the final one and then pass the others over the one your purled. So much easier than trying to get that needle in for purling them together.

Also, when you do the knits, you can pull your loops through a bit more than normal to keep them from getting so tight.

Yippee! They worked. I watched Amy’s video 6 times, slept on it… then this evening worked thru what you said. Oh BOY! Thanks… They look fab.
Bless you, m’dear