The too-small shawl

I knitted a pi shawl, Girasole by Brooklyn Tweed, years ago.IMG_2273 IMG_2274

I used different yarn and did not think about how this would affect the size of the shawl. Although it looks pretty big in the photos, it wouldn’t wrap around me. For ages I couldn’t think what to do with it. It even apoeared in two exhibitions at my textiles group …

Then one day I was telling my dad about it, wondering if I should frog it, and he said “Why don’t you make it bigger?”

Ummm, why didn’t I think of that???

I ordered more wool (Jamieson’s Spindrift) and the dyelots matched perfectly, so now I am making it bigger. I ripped back about half the diameter, went up a needle size and added some repeats. Hope to have a finished photo soon. I am just about to start the edging, which is knitted around.


That’s a wonderful solution! That shawl is too beautiful not to be able to wear and enjoy it.

That is a very pretty shawl - love the colour. Glad you took up your dad’s suggestion to make it bigger.

Well done!