The Toils of My First Two Weeks of Knitting!

My first project was a scarf for my boyfriend’s father (xmas present). It’s a standard wool-acrylic blend worsted weight, on size 7 circular bamboo tip needles. I knit my little heart out for about 3 days straight, got about halfway into the 2nd ball of yarn (of 4) and I realized that it’s not going to be long enough…!! I went back to the store and they were all sold out in my color!! So I got a few rolls of a heathered version of the same, but I’m not sure where I wanna take this… tan on the bottoms and heathered around the neck? ehhh… maybe stripes? Add some heather to the bottom and then some stripes of both around the neck?? I dunno!!! I’m considering just frogging the whole thing and starting over, either with waay fewer CO stitches (I did 100 just to be safe, I’ll probably go with 80 or so if I redo). Or, I could just go at it with straight needles and NOT make it double thick and thus use up the yarn half as fast. But I really like the stockinette look but I do NOT want it to curl if I knit flat. =T

So… not quite knowing what to do, I went back to the yarn shop (even though I had just spent about 100 bucks on knitpicks oh BOY is this going to be “a habit” for me!) and got myself another pair of needles and started other projects.

Here is my first finished product! A hat:

I used knit picks “dune twist” and “fern” and did these on 16" size 7 circular bamboo tip needles and a set of size 5 DPNs for the top.

This was the second hat I started, though I finished it before the one above. Well, I sooorta finished it first, but the top was too bunched up so after I finished this one, I went back and redid the green top to the one above. Did this one in a worsted wool-acrylic blend in grey and green, size 8 circular metal tip needles and size 7 DPNs for the top.

Both these hats are for the bf (xmas gifts)

And here my first row of cables! I’m making a scarf on size 4 straight needles with “ultra light alpaca” in this awesome color green that my cheap camera can’t capture (woah w-aliteration!)

Here’s a closeup if that helps.

This one will PROBLY be an xmas gift for the bf’s mom.

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! :hug:
You’re doing great!

They are lovely keep at it x

I fully understand the multiple trips to the yarn store. Ask for an interchangeable set of needles for Christmas ! : ) I got 2 sets of the Boye interchangeables so now all my spare cash is for yarn.
Your hats are gorgeous ! Great job. If you want to make the scarf a single thickness and use less yarn you could either make it in a ribbed pattern (the hubby’s fav) or you can also slip the first stitch of each row and that seems to prevent some of that curling. However you decide to make it everyone will love that you made their gifts.


Keep up the good work. I can tell you that there will be many trips to the LYS in the future. Infact if you are anything like me . you will go every cahnce you get lol :slight_smile:

:happydance: Everything looks great!!! Welcome to the addiction of knitting and yarn buying :teehee:

Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback!

I’m hooked on knitting (err… needled on knitting?)

Vaknitter, I probably will go for a single thick ribbed scarf instead of the stockinette in the round. I thought of the slip-the-first-stitch thing but a plain 1x1 or 2x2 rib might be nice now that I think about it. =] Oh and also, the only people that might get me an interchangable set might be my bf’s parents (my parents are kinda poor and don’t do the whole christmas gift thing)… and since I’m knitting all their presents this year, if I mention it the jig will be up! Maybe next year…

Everything looks great,Awesome job!

Good on you !!! How fun it is !!!

Wow, I haven’t yet become brave enough to try cables! Those look great though! Keep up that good knitting! :wink:

ah, yes, it will become QUITE a habit to run to the yarn store…with or without a reason. :slight_smile: i have spent way too much!

Wow!! You’re off to a great start!! Love all of them, but green is my favorite color so I really love your scarf. :thumbsup:

First FO’s are great, aren’t they! :cheering:

Sooooooooooo great!!! Such a great feeling!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback!!

Wonderful manly hats! I love doing hats too. They can be addicting.

The scarf for you BF’s father is a very nice thought. I agree that a K1, P1 rib would look an awful lot like stockinette and not be so many stitches or use so much yarn as the circular one, although it is lovely.

I really like that green and grey hat, where’d you get the pattern? I’m making my brother one for Christmas and like your pattern way better than mine! Good job on everything, you’re talented!:cheering:

Wow! Lots of great work.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=magenta][B]GREAT JOB[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]:thumbsup::clink:

Hygiene Mama, I didn’t use a pattern for the hat. I followed the recommend number of stitches per inch, measured his head and cast on the appropriate number of stitches. After about an inch of so (just plain stockinette, I knit it in the round so it was just knit stitches all the way around) I added the green yarn knitting with both strands for one full round, then dropped the brown and knit with just the green for three full rounds, and then picked up the brown and knit with both for one more round before clipping off the green. Then knit knit knit knit knit in the brown for a few more inches and abbbbbout halfway up the hat started knitting together 2 stitches every 15 stitches or so. I tried to keep in mind where in the circle those decreases were made so I could sort of spiral it out . After about an inch and a half of decreases every 15 stitches in the brown I added in the green again for a stripe, back for a bit more of the brown, then dropped the brown for good and finished off in the green. The green yarn was a lighter yarn, and at about that point I switched to double pointed needles. Then I just did one or two decreases per needle until I had about 20 stitches left, fed the yarn thru the loops and pulled it all together and tied a knot and threaded the tail into the hat. =]

I’m tryin to get the decrease rate just right. At first it all bunched up and then there was a little poof tip. Hopefully soon it will be juuuuuuust right