The things parents do to torture their children!

Today we were doing our grocery shopping and they had the easter bunny out to take pictures (for free!!) with the kids. So I convinced my 3.5 year old son to sit with the easter bunny. This is the response I get. I LOVE it though. Because that’s totally him! If he’s not interested he’ll let ya know and he surely did!


LOL! Can’t say I blame him though, that’s one creepy bunny! :teehee:

It’s bad enough sitting next to Santa for a picture when all you want to do is go to the mall and play with toys in the toystore and get an ice cream but the easter bunny too? THat’s what that look says to me. Well, at least that’s what my kid says to me when he has that look in pictures. Although we never did do the easter bunny. Just Santa.

:roflhard: That is priceless! Someday you can use it for blackmail. :teehee:

OMG! The look on his face! :roflhard: :teehee: Priceless!

LOL, great photo. That’s a great photo that everyone will enjoy at his wedding reception!

That’s wonderful!!!

‘The things parents do’ is a great title, also. It’s [I]our[/I] [I]job [/I]to get expressions like that on their faces.

his expression is worth a mint!! He’s very detrmined isn’t he:blooby:

That is funny, a great keepsake.

I have no pictures of my kids with Santa or the Easter Bunny. They would get all excited and we would go to the mall and the second they actually saw Santa or EB they would run screaming in terror. They were like that with any costumed character. Nick Jr. characters would come to town and the kids just had to go see them - from a very far safe distance. It wasn’t until we went to Disney World the first time and my oldest (then 4 yo) saw Goofy that the fear of large costumed characters finally left (a bit) but they still wouldn’t sit with Santa or EB. Only Disney characters. My mo always asked me why I just didn’t force them. Riiiight, the memories I want to have captured on film are those of my screaming children injuring costumed people in order to get away from them.

This is priceless though because it really shows his attitude and he looks more disgruntled than scared out of his wits!

Wait till he grows up and you show him that

:chair:That is definitely a wedding reception picture. Thanks for the laugh!

FREE? Where on earth did you find something FREE?

Our local malls all charge outrageous prices for sitting with the costumed character. Oops. Did I spill the beans? I meant Santa or the Easter Bunny- the real thing! :teehee:(Sorry, I couldn’t resist after the whole Wal-Mart/Easter Bunny thread!) It’s something like $10/$15 for ONE picture with Santa. And, you can’t take your own picture either. I took a quick picture when no one was looking and put the camera away. The girl working there make the other worker bee go stand in front of me so I couldn’t take any more pictures. Of course, she didn’t know who took the picture or where I was. What are they going to do, arrest me? Duh. Then there’s all these people with their cell phones taking pictures and they don’t have any clue because there’s no flash. Where or where have the good old days gone when you could sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas and get a quick snapshot for free or a reasonable price?


LOL our local whispers walmart has the easter bunny and santa every year. They take 1 picture and you get it for free. It may not be a great picture, but they do it up nice for you (with the extra border and on nice glossy paper).
I never know when they are going to be there, yesterday just happened he was there and we were there at the right time. Lane didn’t want to sit with the Easter Bunny and only after I told him he could have a sucker if he just sat NEXT to the bunny. Lane refused to talk to him or even look at him.
So that look was “my mother forced me to do this and I’m NOT happy about it.” I don’t even mind that he didn’t smile because that is a face he makes all the time when he’s doing something he doesn’t want to. That’s my kiddo :slight_smile:
He’ll never be able to ask me why I didn’t take him to see santa or easter bunny. I have the proof… even if they aren’t the “smiling happy go pictures.” They are the real pictures of my kiddo and his lack of interest!
I’m sure his first girlfriend will love these pictures evil grin. I know bad mom of the year award. It isn’t the first one and wont be the last one! :teehee:

One of my coworkers had a friend who owned a costume store. When their son turned 4 they thought it would be cute to borrow a Barney costume from their friend and have Barney pay a visit. So dad had to “leave & go do something important”… and about 1/2 hr later came back in the Barney outfit. It was fine at first, but then the kid noticed dad’s face… which was showing at the back of Barney’s mouth. So what does a 4yo make of this? “Barney?? Why did you eat my daddy??” Meanwhile dad is having a hard time hearing through the costume, so mom has to yell “Larry!! Take it off!! You’re scaring him” to get the message through.

:roflhard: Hilarious picture! This bunny IS very creepy! :shock: