The Sweater Workshop

Anyone have this book and any opinions on it? It has great reviews at Amazon and I’ve put it on hold at the library. Just curious.

I have it and it’s a great resource, and I know others have it, as well. It pretty much allows you to make any type sweater in any yarn with any gauge in any size. Very handy.

it is a FABULOUS book!!! I thought knitting the sampler was kind of dumb, especially when/if you already know those skills – My thought was, really, is it necessary to practice 1x1 ribbing if you’ve done it a billion times???–BUT I did it anyway, and I was glad I did!!! it forces you to look at how your yarn/needles look in each particular stitch, and that forces you to make better decisions when making your own sweater. And it’s full of math. I love math :slight_smile:

Sounds good up this part…math…urk… :roflhard: Maybe I’ll cancel the hold and just go buy it…hmmm…

knitting IS math!!!

Yeah, yeah…that’s what you keep saying. :roflhard: As long as it doesn’t strain my brain I’ll be fine. :wink: